Sunday, December 30, 2012

Once upon a time, I met you.-A story of my life. (True version!)

Hello to my little darlings!
Today's post is the correct version of the short story I've been going on and on about lately that I'd wrote on this post. That story there is a love story. However, the original one has nothing to do with love.. Well, in a way it does, but not the same type of love that the "photoshoped" story tells.
Anyway, I talk too much.. So, here's the correct story:

    It is true that sometimes, life makes death seem like the best way out. 
As an only child, I spent most of my life alone; Never had much friends either, never kept any. So, I got used to not getting attached to people. Actually, attachments tend to scare me off.. So, as I grew further from people whom only showed me how cruel and inhuman they can be, I grew closer to the only creatures that were pure, innocent and trusting.. Animals.
 Last Autumn, my cat Vanessa, died. Although I tried everything I could to treat her, I guess I have no control over life. I really loved Vanessa. So, her death did leave a mark..
   A few days later, I saw this adorable little kitten down the street. Following anyone that would walk  paste him, going here and there after people, hoping that someone will stop, pay attention to him, take him home. But people don't care! What's in it for them if they did?
I then couldn't watch any longer and went down to give him some food. But for I am a faint of heart, I could not sleep at night knowing that that poor kitten is outside, on his own, with no one there to keep him company, just like I was. Therefore, I decided that that kitten will become MY little kitten, MY companion.
My mother objected that I'd adopt him. Well, first, because she's a mother and second, because she didn't want the same thing that happened with Vanessa and many of my past pets to repeat itself. They die, I get hurt and she watches. But like she says: "Is it even possible to say NO to you?" And although I will never forget my pains, he helped me heal my wounds. I was happy again! I loved life again. I could tell he was too. He'd finally found a home, a friend.
  A few months later, I adopted my little crazy cat, CoCo! And soon enough, Lily, my poodle joined us. It's hard enough to take care of one pet, not to mention three. But as long as I wasn't alone, I wasn't sad and they weren't either, it was all good! It IS all good.

   Now, here we are, over a year later. Still together and still happy!
What I wanted to say out of all of this is: Thank you to those who never hurt me or let me down! I love you all, my cuties!

  I forgot to give you that little kitten who is now a cat's name. It is Naruto-Otani. Both are names of two anime characters that I very much love! I also forgot to mention that I am a dreamer. So, I like to imagine that life is as beautiful and magical and miraculous as it is in the anime.
The end.

That's all for this post. (Or should I say, it's finally over!) Thank you for reading.
I would also like to thank a very nice and beautiful blogger from Bahbohh, Ines. For trying to figure out whom that "photoshoped" story was about. I have to admit that it was a bit hard to deduce. Anyhow, go check out her blog! It's great!
That's all for now! There might be a post coming up tomorrow to celebrate the depart of 2012 or something like that... So, heads up!
Do you think I'm a good story writer? Leave me a comment below! Don't be afraid of being honest!
Take care!
Bye Byez~
P.S If you're a language correctional officer and you've noticed that I'd used "Him" instead of "It" to talk about an animal, I know. I just don't like to use "it" because it sounds to me as if I'm talking about an object rather than a creature.


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