Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Royal Welcoming Post

Hey there! And welcome to my blog!
I have to tell you, I was super excited to make this post, but I also was 10 times more nervous. Because it's the very, very first post, which I think is what "makes it or breaks it" for this blog.
Anyway, it took me a couple of days to find the right template, the cute kitten cursor, the title that includes my name and the welcoming box. Now, to the serious part: Intro! a.k.a. first post (which took me days!!) So, here we go:
If you've read the "Little description of my royal blog" on  the left, then you know that this isn't a new blog. Long story short I changed the title many times, tried to find a good theme and make it into something better, but still it didn't feel like home to me or to any f my past/future followers..
One night before going to bed, (that's usually where all the ideas kick in! Like this post and blog.) I got this idea about making a blog that sees the world through the eyes of a girl, and since we don't see that kind of blogs enough around the internet. Wait! Just before you say "Yes, we do!" I'll stop you  right there and start telling you about what this blog is really for.
I am not selling a product, giving out beauty advice or telling you how to be feminine.. and what ever! Here it's more like a group where all the girls gather to talk about everything that comes to their minds, it's like that special lunch table at school where you and all you friends meet and well, besides from a little of eating you do a LOT of talking. What happens here is that I make a post about something that happened to me or noticed as girl, a human being, and you guys..Sorry, girls tell me what you think/tell everybody your experience/give us a solution..etc I will also make a monthly event where one of you can actually write a post on this very blog (and of course you will be taking all the credit.)
Here's some post ideas that can be posted in the future if you didn't quite understand what's this blog about:
  • -the person you like doesn't see you, but somehow the person you don't like happens to want you and insists on going out with you, which leads to an awkward rejection and a forever alone feeling, lol
  • -The fake friends you never should have trusted, and the people who live on making rumors about you.
  • -When the greatest thing happens to you and you can't wait to tell anyone, like when your crush finally looks at you (even by mistake) and you start trying to act "normal" and smile normally, but you actually look  like a scarecrow.
  • -Entertainment: Shopping, TV! (You know you got that show that pins you to the sofa the whole time it's airing.), going out...etc
  • - How guys always talk about girls' bad habits and forget their own. (that topic really annoys me and I'd like discuss that one day.)
And many, many, many.. other stuff we can talk about!
So, if you like what you just read, comment, follow, and give yourself a pat on the back 'cause you've done the RIGHT thing! (Wow! I sound like a saleswoman lol)
And last but not least, I'd like to apologize if you found this post too long. Tell me what you think about the whole design of this blog, and also help me come up with a good signature at the end of each post, please.
Until next time,
Take care.
Bye byez~

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