Monday, October 8, 2012

How I deal with my mornings!

Hello people! So sorry I haven't been able to make a post in a while, I've been so busy! And also lost my Laptop charger (Accidentally switched mine with my friend's, who then had to leave for the whole weekend taking my charger with her.) So, I've been spending my time studying.. :p JK I've been just watching TV and doing things people with no PCs do. Turns out it ain't so boring.
So, I just got this idea about making a post talking about how I start my mornings and hoping that you'll share yours with me.
I'm one of the laziest persons you can ever meet! If it was up to me, I'd live in bed with a  TV, a remote control and a fridge. But, Unfortunately, the fridge's in the kitchen and The TV's in the living room (Thinking about buying a plasma TV with the money I have.) So, I'll have to walk all the way there.
Anyway, without further staling. Here's how my mornings are:
1-Wake up: Waking me up isn't the easiest thing to do, I can sleep through storms! So in order to wake me up, there's two techniques:
  • Be persistent and patient: This is my mom's specialty. What she would do is "wake up! Wake up! Wake up!...." An hour later "Wake up! You're late for school!" She usually starts to bluff by this point "It's 7:30 am..Your friend's calling!"
  • Be delicate: that's my dad's job! (YAY for daddy's little girl!) What he does is come to wake me up delicately, telling me the right time without adding half an hour like some people.. (Yeah! Talking about my mom here!) He usually understands what he needs to do, and give me a massage. But sometimes, I ask him to and of course he CAN'T say NO!
2-Walking around confusingly: Now, this is that part of the morning where you're walking with your eyes closed. What I do here is: I walk into every room, confused, trying to figure out what I'm doing there.. Then I  try figuring out what I should do next.
3-Looking out the window: This is me getting some help from nature to figure out what to wear. Lately I've been hoping for Rain! But it's sunny and hot as usual.
4-Doing my toilet: Usual things: Tooth brush, tooth paste, water and soap...
5-Getting dressed: This step is even longer than the 1st one (Waking up!) What I do here is: Open all the closet's doors, sit facing it and start thinking (Or fall asleep.) Most of the thinking has nothing to do with "What should I wear today?" I usually think about at what time do I get out of school, how many days till next week-end..etc Then I remember I'm late for school, so I hurry up putting on almost anything I find in my way. (Sometimes it turns out good, sometimes not so much..)
6-preparing my bag: Just putting books and copybooks I'll need. That's usually when I realize that I forgot to do my homework.
7-looking for the little stuff: I say and a lot would concur "When you're looking for something, you can never find it. So, its best to stop looking and let it come to you." I go all around the house madly searching for little things that are necessary like: Phone, headphones, keys, hair clips or headbands, my silver necklace,..etc.
8-Last minute adjustments: Do my hair quickly, put on some perfume, shoes, take the keys, the money and then Hasta la vista baby! (Btw, I'm not Spanish!)

      So this is basically how I spend my school mornings. In weekends there's no such thing as a morning for me! What about you? How do you deal with your mornings? I'd love to know! So don't be shy to share :)
      Also, I'd like if one of you (if there is anyone.) to writes a post about something that interests you, me and goes with the theme of my blog. And I will post it here admitting full credit to you. You can even promote your website while making that post (Just don't make it a publicity just for your blog or..) I know this blog isn't really "famous" (Yet! I keep my hopes held high.) I like to know my readers are contributing to making this blog as close as it can be from a home.
Until next time,
Take care.
Bye Byez~


  1. i was thinking to do a similar post haha! some of those things happen to me too ^^
    and i'd love to make a post here (guest post?) and about the theme, could it be like anything? including pictures?
    you tell me :)

  2. Ines, yup That's it: A guest post!
    You add what ever you like, just make it as nice as the ones you make on your blog :)

  3. I love this post i am the same way except for the fact that I have no help from my mom or dad or sis because they all sleep crazy too!!

  4. Do you mind helping me design my blog I really like it and I know that the next step in having a successfull blog is having an attractive blog!
    I followed you!

  5. Lol! Kyla, Lucky you!
    I'd love to help you design your blog! So, I'll just send you a message giving you the websites where I found a lot of awesome templates and the welcoming window..etc
    Thanks for following ;)


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