Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Luck and I, almost broke up!

Hello my delicious vanilla flavored mini-cakes!
Finally, my exams are over!!!!!!!!!!!!
Except for the fact that he needs anger management, Mel Gibson isn't so bad.
Oh! And I don't own this pic.

At last, I am free! But yesterday, on the one before last day of exams, me and my luck that I love an cherish very much almost broke up due to a little, big misunderstanding. So, as usual, here's the story:
-The night before-
    I was revising physics like my life depended on it and I actually finished early (early means 10 p.m). Then I revised English pretty fast and thanked God for not having to wake up early because I'd finished everything and went to sleep very peacefully knowing that I'll have an extra half hour of sleep.
During my beauty sleep, I was having weird dreams about dental cavities and stuff.. Suddenly, I heard, coming out of nowhere a voice that says "Guidance! Guidance! wake up! It's 8 a.m!!! You're late! wake uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!" I opened my eyes, and there they were. My parents looking amazingly terrifying, like they just woke up. And they did just wake up! My mother said "Hurry! it's 7:50 a.m. we didn't wake up in time! Get ready fast! Your dad will take you." I got dressed so fats I think I broke my own record! Then got my stuff and went straight down. Direction: the car. I hardly found it because as I was looking for dad, he was looking for me too. Poor daddy was still in his pajajas (a.k.a pajamas).
By this point you'd say: WHAT AN UNLUCKY GIRL! Well, don't! Here's the rest:
    We hopped on the car and got as fast as can be to school! When I arrived, everyone was sitting in their seats, holding the exam cheats, and looking like a bunch of not-so-cute lost poppies! They were happy to see me. As if I were any smarter than them. Hope got back to their hearts and they all yelled "She's here!!!! There's your seat!" I got in my seat and received my exam sheet, as fast as I looked at the questions, I realized that my luck wasn't acting against me, but for me. My poor baby luck was trying to save me from that terrible exam and I... I accused it of sabotage.
Therefore I would like to give my sincere apologies to my loving luck and tell it that I will never, ever doubt in it again~
   There was no exaggeration in this story, except for the parts where people are ugly. I did manage to do my exam and I almost had enough time, but boy I wish we hadn't woke up.
Did this ever happen to you?
That's all for this post.
Until next time,
Take care!
Bye Byez~
I don't own this pic.


  1. Haahahah awesome story! Happened to me in super important english was snowing/raining and I was running in these bad conditions and when I arrived (15minutes late) I was breathing like so hard. I got a good mark though:)

  2. This blog!
    It's lovely!!
    I'm following, cause I LOVE the way you write!
    I have just started a new blog, because my old was too.. You know.
    I'd love it if you could check it out? It'd mean so much to me!

    Can't wait to read more! ^_^
    *Gie gie

  3. Funny story! Happened to me as well, I missed my bus so I had to hurry to another one and when I arrived everybody already sat in the room and looked at me like I was a crazy girl :D

    You're so lucky, my last exam will be on Monday - Maths! Sigh...

  4. Ines, I had english exam on that day too. I doubt I'm going to have a good grade in Physics, cuz it was written in chinese!! Good for you though (y)
    Gig gie, Thank you so much. I love your blog!
    And MH. good luck on your exams! I feel for you :'D my prayers are with you ;)

  5. Don't feel too bad! We all have our ups and downs. :) Finally! Off with exams! :)
    Happy weekend dear! :)

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