Sunday, June 23, 2013

Life is sweeter with honey

Hello angel faces!
I haven't made a post in forever!! I'm such a slacker! But that's a good thing because it means I've been actually having a life outside of the Internet world. This summer is one of the greatest summers in my life! I've made new friends, done things that I've never thought I could do, gone wild, maybe too wild, but had mucho mucho funzo!
Anyway, sometimes, my cravings get out of hand. Therefore, I try to control them by preparing delicious and as-healthy-as-possible snacks.
So, as you've probably noticed, this is summer vacation and it is sacred for me to sleep late during this period. And who has never felt so hungry they could eat an entire Sumo family at past midnight?
I don't own this image.

Alright, maybe that's just me. But you get hungry, right?
So, to distract myself from feeling depressed about the lack of junk food and/or Sumo wrestlers in our fridge, I try to make myself a decent snack before I LOSE IT!

     1. Life is sweeter with honey:
This is a very delicious and fast snack I usually eat at breakfast.
  • Cereals. (My favorites are honey flavored cereal flakes or any as long as they're flakes, I guess). Choose the healthy ones!
  • Chocolate, cut to little pieces. You can use black chocolate for more health benefits.
  • I like to add some fruits sliced to little pieces, like strawberries.
  • Dried raisins. They're so good and super healthy!
  • And last but not least, la serise sur le gâteau, ladies and gentleman, THE HONEY! (natural honey ofc!) Just pour some on top, mix and bon appetit!
P.S. It's very sweet already. So, don't put on too much honey!

     2. Everything is sweeter with honey:
This one is pretty simple. not even worthy of mentioning, but I will anyway.
I Find that honey helps me satisfy my stomach pretty well. So, what I did was:
  • Just peeled a banana (or any other fruit you like), dipped it in natural honey and voilà! So satisfying and delicious as the sweetness of the honey will make you feel full.
P.S. Sleep shortly after that as your stomach will find out that you tricked it with some healthy food and will start to growl again.

     3. Quick tip/recommendation:
I always watch this on The Doctors, dried fruits are the champions, the super heroes, the stars of all snacks! They're super healthy and have countless benefits!
I don't think I've tried them with honey before, but I bet they rock!
I don't own this image.

If dr. Travis Stork says they're good, then it's true!
That's all for tonight, folks! Drive safely and remember, a day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey.-Winnie The Pooh. That was irrelevant, but it has honey in it so...
Until next time,
Bye Byez~
P.S. I'm not a cannibal.


  1. Looks really delicious ^^
    I love cereals and fruits <3

  2. yumm
    I love food posts ^^
    thanks for remembering my blog and leaving the cute comment.
    As soon as I have time and good internet connection i'll catch up on your posts \:))

    1. Reading your posts is always my pleasure! thanks for paying a visit :)

  3. Also, your banner is so cute and pretty !!


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