My wishlist of 2013!

You can find more details about this wish list on this post . This is what I wish to have:
I'm really loving this coat! Especially/precisely the leather
Got one that's beige and looks a lot like PLL's Spencer's one.
  • Since winter is almost over, I decided to waste my money on something else than a coat.

I really want a studded bleached jean jacket.
And while I'm at it,  look at Demi Lovato??! wohoow!
Had a perfect sleevless one this summer!

  • A stripped (black and white) short at the front long at the back, loose and thick top that I've seen and totally fell for! I hope I will get it. I saw another girl wearing the same except in a different color at school. So, I don't like it anymore, she ruined it for me :p

I love these cat eyes glasses!
I really want a long black blazer.
It's just so elegant and you can style it however you want. I think everyone should have a black blazer in their closets. I bought one that I adore!! It was a bit expensive but totally worth it!
  • I also want a new pair of jeans, maybe bleached blue ones or dark grey or something.. I got black studded jeans which I love! We all need a new pair of black jeans once a year.
I love this bag! It's so cute and simple. But I really posted this for its colour. I really want something with this colour.
I want a bag like this one. Love its colour.
You know what I want. I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha!
No, seriously, I want this lipstick.
It's still too cold for this, but I want a dress like this one for the summer. I have one but in grey instead and I love it so much that I want another.
  • I saw with that shirt a black studded bag with it. I was breath-taking and I want it too.  I also saw another girl in school wearing it and of course, she ruined it for me. But I bought another type of black, studded bag. It's bigger, better and is slightly less expensive.
  • I fell in love with this pastel green blouse with some black detailing, it's transparent black at the back with black buttons. I bought a simple yet cute shirt with white and pastel stripes.
Until next time,
Take care!
Bye Byez~


  1. having good grades! i should add that to my wishlist...

    And where do you actually live? (just asking, to tell you nice places to visit if so :) )


  2. I live in Algeria, it's in north Africa.
    I think I could go to tunisia, it's pretty nice there.. or visit the sahara in my country. Apparently it's pretty awesome!


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