Thursday, January 24, 2013

6 ways to enjoy free time at school!

Hello my little darlings!
  Before I start, I want to apologize for not making a post for so long. I was a bit depressed from something that happened on the last day of 2012 that kind of ruined my mood and I couldn't write a post during that time because this isn't the sad kind of blogs where I complain regularly about how life can be unfair, but it's more like a happy one where I really just share my joys with you guys! So, I couldn't risk to change the meaning of my blog.
I am a bit rusty on writing. So, bare with me please.
  Anyway, this is the first post of 2013 and I have no idea whatsoever what to to talk about. Lame! So, I'll just go ahead and share the one thing that my whole life revolves around wether I like it or not, SCHOOL.
Now, hold on a minute! Don't skip to the next blog! I'm not going to talk about studying (Even I, am not that crazy or depressed), but more about those times when the teacher does something good for once and decides not to show up or when YOU decide that s/he is absenting and take some time off to enjoy yourself with friends or whoever!
Ever since school started for me, I've been spending a lot of times in school, not studying, but having fun! You see, most of our teachers like to skip the first day of the week, God bless them! And our school isn't exactly in "the middle of heaven" Which means there's nowhere interesting to go outside of it and especially in this time of the year. Therefore, we take advantage of these marvelous hours to hang around in school, And have as much fun as possible.
That is why, I decided to give you guys some advices about what to do when you're teacher's absent, since I'm such an expert in that subject.
Without further delay, here's the suggestions:
  • Taking pictures:
I think pictures are like a memory box, they substitute your brain when it can't remember all these great time you had in life with the great people you knew/know. So, take pictures with friends! You don't have to look cute. Make silly and funny faces! Have fun imitating movie scenes..Etc.
  • Dancing:
School+Dancing? Doesn't sound like a good chemical combination, but what the heck?! It's a lot of fun! Me and my friends like to close the classroom door put on some crazy music (Ex: Oppa Gangnam Style..) and just rock on! We made videos of some of our crazy dances and I have to say, I can't help it but laugh every time I see myself trying to re-act a scene from the Gangnam style video! We looked like retarded, drunk, yet cool zombies! So, you should definitely try it! I guarantee it's fun!
  • Copying homework:
Now, everybody "forgets" to do homework sometimes. And sometimes we're lucky enough to have a free period to copy/do that homework and have it ready in time! I know everybody does that already and I didn't need to mention it, but sometimes we totally forget about it! So, this is just a reminder that next time you have a free period, think "do I have a homework I forgot to do?" before going ahead and enjoying yourself.
  • Playing games:
You're never too old to play games. And you're certainly never too old to have fun! That's why playing games is a great way to pass time. Ex: truth or dare is a very famous game in schools; competitions are great, you can choose any topic and see who's the best at what; I think guessing games can be fun..etc. Be creative!
  • Sleeping:
I think it's a known fact that NO ONE wants to get up in the morning, leave that warm heavenly bed and go to school/work! Hell, I even change into my outfits for the day in bed under the covers sometimes. So, if you have the opportunity to go back to sleep, why waste it? It won't be as good as sleeping in your own bed, but at least you're sleeping.
  • Studying/revising:
I know you're thinking you didn't have a free period to study! I'd think the same. But you could have a test coming up that day or something you didn't understand and there's nothing better than to make a study group. And when I say that, I mean seriously studying! That's why you should always join the smarties of the class's study group.
  That's all. These stuff are enough to keep you busy all day, let alone an hour or two that miraculously pass by in a split of a second.
  School can be very depressing for so many people, and it's just because they don't know how to enjoy it! I'm not saying you shouldn't be studying at all, but you should take a break once in a while, have a laugh! School is your whole life for the moment. So, don't waste it! And by that I mean, balance between studying and having fun. And if you could do both in the same time, then please leave a comment bellow telling how!
  I hope you liked today/this year's post. It's a bit long, I know. It's because I didn't write in a while. But no worries, the next ones won't be so long, hopefully.
Hey! What do you do at school besides studying?
Until next time,
Take good care!
Bye Byez~


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