Sunday, August 25, 2013

How I spent my vacation-Part 1: The Ocean, Circus, Park..etc.

Hello sunshines!
  Vacation is something that we all look forward too. Obviously I didn't need to point that out, but I really don't know how to start this. Anyhow, although we have so many things we wish to do on our vacations, we end up doing nothing and waste all that precious time sleeping and stuffing our faces. Well, this summer vacation, I decided I will no longer waste my time sleeping and eating, but waste it on having fun. And so I did.
This will be devided devided into 3 posts. Here, in this post, I will be sharing with you how I spent my vaca, where I went with friends and what I did. So, stick around! I won't bore you out.
When I say summer vacation, you say?
random kids swimming.
Me and my friends have been to the beach quite a lot. Either in the morning for a good swim.
In the afternoon for some stroles at the shore, hanging on the sand, eating icecream..etc.
At night, especially, to hang at cafe's and have icecream and just relax and enjoy the nightly ocean breeze..

I took Lily to the beach once. She's such a scardy CAT!
I couldn't take her as much as I wanted to because most beaches have a no-dogs-allowed policy! And she gets car sick. :/ >.<
You see, the beach is the most famous hanging spot in my city. It's a big boulevard where you can get everything you need to relax and have a good time. Besides swimming and taking boat rides and water-related stuff, there's restaurants, fast foods, clubs, cafe's, hotels, motels, a lot of icecream shops and hanging spots..etc. It's probably the most visited place in my city. That is why I and everybody in here spend a lot of time there.
Here are some cool pictures I found online showing our pretty boulevard:
Well, don't think I spent my whole summer just going to the beach. That can become kind of dull no matter how fun it is. I also went to the circus with a few friends which was in town in June. It was very fun and we took lots of pictures with the Circus stars and an Indian dude. If you ask me, I think we were the ones who made the most noise applauding and whsitling and screaming like crazies during the end of each performance. Even that we caught the attention of some performers and the spotlight was directed to us (by mistake, but it counts! :p )
 Yellow gal all the way!
I'm the clown. My friend, Deer is such a fan girl of Steve's, the circus's master 
of ceremonies or whatever his job's called.. 
Anyway, the guy with the big smile on all the posters around town.
Here are some pictures of the circus that I've found online:

In the poster you see the star of the show. The reason why ladies come in big numbers, Steve Togni (he looks much better in reality).
My reason however is that cute tiger!!
I didn't find him so good looking from the posters, but in reality he's actually pretty handsome. Brightest smile I've ever seen.

The circus crew. This is an italian circus, but it has a lot of people from 
different nationalities.

Not many guys can rock a pair of tights and still look straight. Hats off for that!
I took a quick video of a performance.

   I remember having lots of fun that day. We went to the beach before going to the circus and we played Truth or Dare except we deleted Truth and only kept Dare. Basically, each one of us would give dares to everyone else and there's  no running away from it. Everyone has to do more than one dare, at least. I was given some pretty "easy" dares compared to the others. I was asked to run and jump happily like a little girl or in my case, a retard. I did get a couple of weird looks, but I survived.
   I was asked to walk in the middle of the road, hands above my head. That was a bit embarrasing, I did get a couple of car horns, but it was cool! I was made to talk to strangers and ask them weird questions.. I also gave some cool Dares, I embarrassed a couple of friends pretty well  making them ask very dumb questions to strangers and I enjoyed it!
   One other way to play the Dare game and it is my favorite; is to sing a well-known song and the other person has to know the artist and if they don't, they get the Dare! Since I like singing (badly!), that's how I like to play it.
   I also went to the attraction Park which I haven't gone to in so long! Keep in mind that I live across the street from it. When you get used to something, you just get bored of it. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was awaken at 4 a.m by the sound of music. Not the movie, but actually loud music playing outside.
So, I looked out the window to see that it was a ghost town outside. Everything was closed and everyone was farting peacefully in bed and the radio in the Park was playing music on its own and it never did that before. So, I figured the demons who apparently just moved in were having a late-night party and I had to record it.
It lasted for about an hour or so. after 30 mins of listening to the music, I just kind of got used to it and didn't notice when it stopped.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Why haven't I been blogging?

Hello to my shiny blue diamonds!
I haven't blogged in so so so...-a few hundreds of so's later- so long. And the only excuse I have is: I was in space right between that big dark thing where they flush the Galaxy and the tanning planet, right underneath the cheese planet, just on top of that planet where they make hula hoops (can you believe how much they sell them?) , having a diplomatic argument with not-so-good-looking martians who were trying to cut off the Internet from earth claiming that we, humans, aren't being responsible and using it for all the wrong reasons and for bad and "ill" purposes. Can you believe that? Anyway, we managed to arrive to a settlement. We keep the Internet and they get to abduct as many cows and farmers as they want from our planet. I think we totally nailed it! Stupid martians..
My excuse seems more legit now, does it?
Click on the image to enlarge.
Anyway, this post is basically about me telling a bunch of lies and totally taking you off track so you wouldn't remember what the purpose of it was in the first place. I guess it's a bit late to say what's it about, huh?
Anyway (2), miraculously, this is not going to be a long post. It's just me saying  Hi! And I'm here, I'm not dead. I've just been having a busy and lazy summer and I will give you updates on the next post which is hopefully coming very soon. So, look forward to it! It will be about how I spent my summer. All the useful stuff I've learned to do and have done. Clothes I've bought (I will share pictures). How I had fun and how I did some embarrassing stuff that a complex person such as myself would never think of doing! This summer has been great for me and I hope it's been the same for you or even better. I look forward to read in your comments or maybe your blogs how YOU spent your summer.
I guess this post did turn out kind of long after all. Well, blame it on the martians! Since we're talking about martians, how do you like my new template? I know I change it a lot, but this is most likely for keeps.
That's all for now!
Until next time,
Stay out of trouble-not! And take care!
Bye Byez~

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Life is sweeter with honey

Hello angel faces!
I haven't made a post in forever!! I'm such a slacker! But that's a good thing because it means I've been actually having a life outside of the Internet world. This summer is one of the greatest summers in my life! I've made new friends, done things that I've never thought I could do, gone wild, maybe too wild, but had mucho mucho funzo!
Anyway, sometimes, my cravings get out of hand. Therefore, I try to control them by preparing delicious and as-healthy-as-possible snacks.
So, as you've probably noticed, this is summer vacation and it is sacred for me to sleep late during this period. And who has never felt so hungry they could eat an entire Sumo family at past midnight?
I don't own this image.

Alright, maybe that's just me. But you get hungry, right?
So, to distract myself from feeling depressed about the lack of junk food and/or Sumo wrestlers in our fridge, I try to make myself a decent snack before I LOSE IT!

     1. Life is sweeter with honey:
This is a very delicious and fast snack I usually eat at breakfast.
  • Cereals. (My favorites are honey flavored cereal flakes or any as long as they're flakes, I guess). Choose the healthy ones!
  • Chocolate, cut to little pieces. You can use black chocolate for more health benefits.
  • I like to add some fruits sliced to little pieces, like strawberries.
  • Dried raisins. They're so good and super healthy!
  • And last but not least, la serise sur le gâteau, ladies and gentleman, THE HONEY! (natural honey ofc!) Just pour some on top, mix and bon appetit!
P.S. It's very sweet already. So, don't put on too much honey!

     2. Everything is sweeter with honey:
This one is pretty simple. not even worthy of mentioning, but I will anyway.
I Find that honey helps me satisfy my stomach pretty well. So, what I did was:
  • Just peeled a banana (or any other fruit you like), dipped it in natural honey and voilà! So satisfying and delicious as the sweetness of the honey will make you feel full.
P.S. Sleep shortly after that as your stomach will find out that you tricked it with some healthy food and will start to growl again.

     3. Quick tip/recommendation:
I always watch this on The Doctors, dried fruits are the champions, the super heroes, the stars of all snacks! They're super healthy and have countless benefits!
I don't think I've tried them with honey before, but I bet they rock!
I don't own this image.

If dr. Travis Stork says they're good, then it's true!
That's all for tonight, folks! Drive safely and remember, a day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey.-Winnie The Pooh. That was irrelevant, but it has honey in it so...
Until next time,
Bye Byez~
P.S. I'm not a cannibal.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vacation planning!

   Hello my chocolate stuffed, vanilla topped cupcakes!
   Long time no post, I know. I've been very lazy and believe it or not, busy. But I finished my exams earlier this week and I am ready to come back to the blogging world because, yes, VACATION is mine to have!! I am so happy it finally came although it feels like a month since the first trimester of school started.. Time does fly! Anyway, for the few of you who might not be able to have holidays at the moment, I am sorry for you and respectfully..
   Alright, now that I got that cleared out, let's move on to the most important step that comes after vacation starts, the one which is right before slacking and having fun. Planning for it!
I know, I know it's the holidays! The only time we get to be spontanious and do whatever we want or don't want.. But try remembering with me all the past holidays you've had.. (Are you having a flashback? I know I am.) And the one thing I remember the most was sitting at home, bored to death, desperately trying to think of what to do for the day, and as expected, nothing comes to mind. But if you're not like me, then I don't really like you 'cause I'm extremely jealous of you. Anyway, I made the decision that the first thing I would do when my vacation starts is to make plans.
Here's what I did:
  • I have downloaded an app on my tablet wich would allow me to make plans for the day/week/month. There are several apps that can help you do so.
I don't own this image.
An easy and old fashioned yet as helpful as an app, is an agenda. You can get your own agenda and pour in all the stuff you want to do on your holiday. Or even write it anywhere. A paper you can hang on your closet door or whatever you want. The important thing is to put your ideas into something other than your forgetful mind and that you can access anytime whenever you're feeling bored an clueless.
I don't on this image.

  • You might forget one or two details you were planning on doing for a while. That is why I suggested having an easy-to-access planner, so when you remember it, you can add it on the spot.
  • Some of my plans are simple stuff I never had time to do during school, such as:
-Taking some guitar lessons which I just remembered.
-Learning some Japanese. Watashi wa Nihon ga daisuki desu! (I love Japan!)
-Going to visit my grandmother.
-Cook this and that. Find a summer job. Spend the summer job's money...etc.
I don't own this image.

  • Also remeber vacation is a very, very short period. So, try to enjoy it to the fullest, keep busy and of course rest and sleep as much as you want! But of course, you already know that.

Anyway, everybody on vacation, have fun! And everybody who is not, hang in there!
Well, that's all! Don't wanna bore you too much.
Until next time,
take care!
Bye Byez~

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Not every person wearing pants is a man and not every person going to school is a student.

   A special greeting from earth to the angelic livings of heaven! (This is me, complementing you).

I am incredibly lazy. And you probably know that by Now because I've mentioned this in a lot of posts. Which makes me a morning hater. I have nothing against the sun shining, pure oxygen in the air and birds singing, but leaving the love of my life, alone at home, with no one to keep him warm just breaks my heart! I mean what if I come home and he's not there anymore? My poor bed, this one's for you!
With that put aside, I wanted to talk about school. This is the last trimester and it just doesn't feel like education. It's getting hotter, you're tired, vacation's screaming your name, it is just not the right time to study! Therefore, I decided to share with you what I do in class (aside from pretending like studying) and maybe, be a bad influence on you.

  • I love drawing! Or writing statements on my arms. Here is some of my work:
This is basically the reason why I shouldn't be trusted with pens.
This is the latest one. It says "Stay strong!" Inspired from Demi Lovato's tattoo.

  • I also like to write quote or express myself whichever way. So, all my copybooks have at least one or two quotes or expressions or song titles.. on their cover. Here is some of my work:
here's how it works: The more complicated/boring a class gets, the more inspired I get.
And that' my physic's

Some of what I wrote:

-You can't always learn from your mistakes. Sometimes, you just have to live with them.              By Guidance~
-Good for you that most people can't see beyond the mirror. Or else, you'd look very ugly!
-They said you were ugly, but boy, I didn't expect THAT!!
-I'd love to hate you, but you're just not worthy of my feelings.
-Don't worry! You're face isn't the ONLY ugly thing about you.. There's also your personality.
-You're like an expired pack of milk. Good from the outside, but Disgusting from the inside.
-I can fix your face!
-I think I need PHYSICal therapy!
-I'm jealous of unemployed losers who stay at home doing nothing all day..It's not my fault if I'm just too cool to be like them. But a girl can dream.
-What the freak?
-Look at the bright side, you're looking good today! :)
-If you found this, it's mine.
-I don't need anger management. I just need this dude to stop pissing me off! (math t.)
-Please do sanitize your hands before touching this. It's cuter than u.

I have to say, some are ironic, weird, mean and meaningless, unexplainable, have no point, indicate the serious need of treatment..etc. But that's just how deranged I get at school. I'm a better person outside. :)

  • I also enjoy taking pictures with friends when the teacher's not looking, outside, inside, in between.. Just everywhere! It's good to keep memories!
  • Now, this is a bad thing, but if you were there, you'd totally agree. Sometimes, me and my friends kinda "accidentally" arrive late during English class because our teacher's a bit umm..strict? Hard? Strange? So, she races to the class room, closes the door and won't let anyone in! Usually a third of the class makes it in. I love it when I don't! (That's a guilty pleasure right there!) But our English is very easy, and I rarely learn something new.. So, what the heck?!
  • I have already mentioned this, me and my friends occasionally make videos dancing famous songs such as Gangnam Style and we actually are trying to make our own little horror movie where I happen to be the "horror" part of it. I just have one of those scary faces. We also plan to make a video dancing Gentleman of Psy. (We're not exactly "Pro" at it, but we just have as much as possible. Life is short!)
These are the five things I do at school aside from "studying". What are yours? Please tell me you do things and you're not that perfect! 'Cause if you are, don't tell me!
Crazy Coco!

Sneaky Lily!

The view from the back of my home.
   That was all! I can't wait for school to be over so I can finally sleep all day, do nothing all night and miss it a little more (by that, it's the part of being with friends that I miss) and hate it again..
Until next time,
Take good care! And stay outta trouble! Be cool, stay in school! (Strange saying that).
Bye Byez~

Friday, April 12, 2013

Simple girl's simple look!

   Hello sunshines!!
   Since it is natural for me to start a post with a completely irrelevant intro, there's no need to break the habit. So, I'm going to complain about school in a couple of lines if you don't mind.
This week was the beginning of school's last trimester and I don't know if it's just me, but my math teacher's being more converted into a Chinese guy every day. I can't understand a single word coming out of his mouth! And don't get me started about other classes/teachers! I am so exhausted and it shows on my face. I look terrible even my french teacher noticed!
OK! That's all! Sorry it was longer than two lines.

  Back to topic, I've been to a wedding yesterday, it was pretty good. I wasn't exactly dressed up for the occasion because my mom kept rushing me and I hate to be rushed! So, I had to decide pretty quickly. Eventually I ended up going a bit simple pairing a hot pink halter top with black jeans and white espadrilles with floral detailing (I cannot work high heels although my mother tried to convince me to buy a pair, I just don't feel like owning a new pair of shoes now). Not to forget my favourite nail polish of the season, pastel green! I'm going crazy about this colour! Thinking of colouring my hair that way, what do you think? (Check out some outfits I've chose with pastel green details here)

Here are some of the pics I took:
I love that studded black bag I got last month. It can actually be converted into a smalled sized bag.

I can't believe all the pictures I took of my hand! I'm really  crazy for that nail polish! And I love that copper bracelet I got on sale from the mall last autumn!

The victory sign's something normally viewed in my pictures!

I took this pic later at night, so the little pastel green eye shadow I've place near my eye lids kind of wore off. I think  this is a simple cute makeup!

Yup! Natural eyebrows!!
Today was a very hot day. So, I decided to wear a skirt.
That's all there is to it!
Boy! I'm tired! Off to bed now. Good night!
Until next time,
Take care!
Bye Byez~

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Of Pastel Green I am so keen!

   Hello my heart shaped red apples!!
   As you can see from the picture below, I adore pastel colours! Especially the green one. That is why when I was stalking a couple of my favourite fashion websites,  and, I got inspired to create a few spring/summer outfits on And those are what I chose, now if only they were free!
I wanted to share them with you girls to know what are you favourite colours of this season and from right to left which one is your favourite outfit.
If you do happen to come by one of those two websites, do visit me here and here.
Of Pastel Green I'm so keen!

Bright colored shirt

Denim skinny jeans

Blonde + Blonde twill shorts

Baskets noire

Fat face

Knapsack bag



Bijoux en plume

Gold jewelry

Gold bracelet

Gold jewelry

Miss Selfridge bijoux en plume

Amrita singh

Sage jewelry


Crochet fedora

Tech accessory


Forever 21

AERIN lipstick

Nail care

   First, I wasn't paid to advertise for this site although I WISH! And second, girls, don't forget that unfortunately Google reader is shutting down in July 1st, which means you'll have to follow your favourite blogs (I hope mine is one of'em) through Google+ or Email or Bloglovin..etc. And that's why, if you want to continue following my blog, you can look up at the sidebar and you will find the options how you can follow me through G+/BL/email. And please comment to remind me to follow your blog as well because there are some blogs that haven't been active that I will no longer follow and if you remind me of your blog, I'll make sure that I followed it.
That's all for now! Isn't it nice when I don't talk too much?
Until next time,
Take care!


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