Friday, March 29, 2013

50 random facts about Me!

Hello my sublime cherry candies!
I have mentioned earlier in this post that I liked the idea of mentioning random facts about yourself and would probably make a post about it. Okay! You might not care about knowing random facts about me, you'd be like "What do I care? I ain't gonna marry you!" But hey! Stick around, this might be fun. And hey! You might find that we have things in common and then want to marry me. Lol! Just kidding! I meant want to comment and follow me.. And maybe be friends!
Ok! here are 50 facts about MEMEMEMEE!
  1. I adoooore animals!!! Like seriously, all animals!
  2. Whenever I see ants, I get chills and my body would start itching me everywhere like they're crawling on me.
  3. When/If it's past my bed time and I'd still be awake, my brain would automatically be drunk and I would talk like my life depends on it (as in A LOT) and say weird stuffs that I probably will regret. But I also find that my writing skills get better.
  4. Whenever I watch a show that I love, if you dare talk to me or even stand near my field of vision, you're DEAD!
  5. I always have to change something about my look because I get easily bored of the usual.
  6. I am one the most stubborn persons you can ever meet!
  7. Whenever I don't understand/forget a part of a song, I just make my own lyrics for it just to finish it.
  8. I'm very competitive.
  9. I always say that anyone can win my heart with a simple bouquet of Jasmine (my favs).
  10. I can tell when an animal's dangerous or not.
  11. Sometimes, at night, when I have to go to the bathroom, but my mind doesn't feel like waking up, I find myself sitting on my knees in a praying position, THIS close from doing it in my pants.
  12. I like looking at fashion websites (or even on TV) and decide which clothes I want to have as if they were given to me for free.
  13. I only sleep on my stomach. Any other position would give me nightmares, or hurt my muscles or even prevent me from sleeping.
  14. I always imagine falling and breaking my front tooth. That scares the heaven outta me!
  15. I like to produce small movies with my friends on our spare time in school. And I think I'd make a great scary girl in a horror movie.
  16. I like it when people underestimate me and I'd prove them wrong.
  17. I always sing loudly while bathing..
  18. I have four piercings in both my ears.
  19. As a kid my cousins called me Sausage because I was thin and tall.
  20. Whenever my parents call me "Noussa" (which is a nickname), I immediately understand that they need me to do something for them.
  21. I don't know how to hug.
  22. I don't know how to express my feelings.
  23. I get nervous when I make eye contacts with someone for too long.
  24. I love my math teacher!
  25. That was a lie!
  26. My mom always says I need to see a psychiatrist and I always say that they told me there's no cure for my condition.
  27. I change moods like shopaholics change their shoes.
  28. I won't pass my driver's licence because I hate cars and anything that moves with an engine.
  29. I used to bully my big dolls during the day as a kid and would ask my mom to keep them in her closet at night so they wouldn't come for me.
  30. I learnt German by watching cartoons on a German channel when I was a kid, but forgot it after I stopped watching it!
  31. I'd rather be alone than to be in the company of someone I don't really know well.
  32. My worst nightmare is that everything would be fine and neat and then it all becomes messy and there would be a lot of screams and anger..etc. I would wake up crying from it.
  33. I am incredibly lazy.
  34. I like to find things I have in common with cats (love of sleep, laziness, jealousy, good jumps, always fall on my feet..etc.)
  35. I'm scared I'll end up becoming a boring person with a regular life that no one will remember.
  36. I'm really not social.
  37. I'm not a big fan of kids although they like me.
  38. I have a minor OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).
  39. I like it when people tell me I'm tall, even as an insult.
  40. I like to watch music videos that suck (for my opinion) just to make fun of the people in'em.
  41. I love Japan and wanna go there!
  42. I always wanted to have a summer job, but my mom would always find a reason why I shouldn't.
  43. I was never grounded, although I was/am an impossible child! (I'm an only child).
  44. My parents never say no to me because I don't take no for an answer.
  45. I have a strong immune system.
  46. I have a bad memory. So, everything I find important I note in my diary. So far, I have four.
  47. There's no such thing as "guilty pleasure" for me. I wanna eat something, I eat it. Life's too short to regret anything.
  48. I want to have braces.
  49. I love to travel.
  50. I have 00 red peace of clothing in my closet.
Ok! That's alll!! Tell me a few random, weird or funny or cool stuffs about yourselves beauties!
 I'm travelling to the capital of my country, Algiers in a few. I need to go, my mom can't stop calling for me..
Wish me luck!
Bye Byez~

Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY: High-Low blouse/dress.

Hello my little pink pumpkins!
   High-Low shirts, blouses, dresses and skirts have been one of the most famous, fabulous and craziest fashion  hits lately. I was dying to get myself a High-Low blouse, but alas spring clothes haven't hit the markets here yet. So, I decided to not wait any longer and make one myself.

This is actually my mother's dress from back when she was young. I had found it recently and totally fell for it because as you know stripped clothes have been inn this season, and every other season as well. But the only problem is that it was too long (under the knees). That is why I've decided to turn it into a High-Low blouse/dress. And I'm so glad it worked and that I didn't ruin it!
I didn't take a picture of the dress before, but you can have an idea on how it used to look from the following pic.

   So, what I did here is just that I folded it in half from the middle (both the frunt and the back) make sure you don't fold the back part underneath the frunt.
You can grab a marker or chalk or anything else you can use to mark the way for you to cut. You might want to get a coulour that's visible on your fabric.
Then I just started cutting all the way down. If you look at it well, you'll notice that it's cut off in an S shape.

And this is the result. You can see a little default at the bottom of the back. It's not really circular, but I fixed it later. You can also notice a lot of strings sticking out at the sleeves. Well, where the sleeves used to be anyway, I cut them off. I preffered it sleeveless.

I didn't have anyone to take a picture of me. Therefore, the picture I took myself with my laptop cam isn't "the best". Sorry!
This is how it looks:

From the side and the frunt. It can be worn simlpy maxi this way. Or I could add a belt to it, which would look very cute.

I just styled it here with a short white cardigan, black jeans and a studded black bag.

   And again, sorry for the quality and the bad pic. I still don't have a good cam and my phone's...long gone in a coma. The docs say it might wake up next week.
I am also going to make my own peter pan collar. If and when it works, I will totally share it!
That's it!
Until then,
Take care!
Bye Byez~

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hello to my colourful rainbows!
I'm very excited for today's post because I find it very cute and I love tagging posts. Plus, I had no idea what to write about, so this came on time!

I keep forgetting that word! Hard! B.T.W it means: having varied uses or serving many functions.

I was nominated by the very sweet and adorable Inge Lakawa for the Versatile award. Isn't that cute? But do you know what's even cuter? Her blog Luch Luch Craft. So, one big thank you to Inge once again.

The rules:

  1. Nominate some other bloggers.
  2. Let them know you have nominated them.
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  4. Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post.

My nominees:

I chose to nominate the cute bloggers whom I have followed and or known for a long time in the blogger world. The ones whom almost never miss one of my posts (by commenting) and or the ones I never miss one of theirs.
  1. The beautiful Ines from Bahbohh.
  2. The joyful CanVirRies.
  3. The very nice Maeve from Maeve's fashion.
  4. The sweet Shriti from Hidden secrets of her life.
  5. The lovely Amandaaa from A beauty loving nerd.
  6. The cute Miss lovie from Dressed Up In Stars.
Awww! Did I forget to tag you? No worries! If you wanna be tagged, consider yourself tagged! Just leave me a comment and I'll add your name and blog to my nominees. All my adorable royalties deserve to be nominated!

 7 random facts about me:

  1. I've been sleeping in our living room for the past 3 months because I find my room too big, dark, cold and too far from the television.
  2. I prefer nightmares over dreams because I like waking up happy knowing that what I've just seen wasn't real.
  3. I have a silent burp, I can't burp out loud even if I wanted to.
  4. I punish my cats for doing something bad by kissing them like a mad stalker! Lol!
  5. I like to rephrase insults or swears into not so insulting words, such as: Go to HEaven! Eat my poop! Freak you! What the Freak? Poop it!
  6. When I'm sick and have a sore throat, I like to sing songs of artists with naturally thick voices.
  7. I am incredibly courageous when it comes to dealing with any type of animals and such a coward when it comes to paranormal activities and demon stories, movies or happenings.
I love this "random facts about me" thingy so much that I'm thinking of making some sort of page on this blog for it. What do you think?
   Before I go, you probably have noticed an annoying publicity bar that pops out at the left of the blog, do not click it! I didn't put it there. I think it came with the template itself. I will try to take it off when I'm not feeling lazy.
That's all!
Until next post,
Take care!!
Bye Byez~

Monday, March 18, 2013

What do I know? I'm an only child.

Hello my little cherry sweets!
   To be honest, I have no idea what so ever what to talk about. I just thought "What do I know? I'm an only child." would make a great title for a post. Now that I've cleared the title, time to think of a relevant post.
The post can't be about siblings because I have no idea how it is like. I can talk about being an only child. Cool! I can mention the good and bad things about it. Awesome!
Without further stalling, here I go:
I don't own this img.
The good things about being an only child:
  • Being spoiled.
  • Having everything you want.
  • Not having to share the good stuffs with anyone.
  • No sibling problems, such as fights.
  • Having time alone, just for yourself without being bothered as much.
  • Being envied by and making fun of people with siblings ( optional :p).
  • For what it's worth, being the only heir.
The bad things about being an only child:
  • Being lonely and not knowing how it feels like to have siblings.
  • Not sharing things with anyone. Such as your joy, laughter, small talks, sorrow..etc.
  • No fun and no fights. No nothing! Just boredom. (P.S I find sibling fights very fun and interesting.)
  • Having too much responsibilities, too much high expectations from the family.
  • Being too spoiled to the point of corrupting one's personality by making them selfish, full of themselves and probably rude and uncaring. (I'm a bit selfish but being cured, sometimes uncaring and also very cold-hearted)
  • While growing up, people come and go, but siblings always stay. So, you wouldn't have that. Therefore, being left and disappointed a lot by a lot of people..
  • Feeling a bit left out in conversations about siblings.
   That's all I can think of for now. That's about the most important stuffs concerning being an only child. Personally, I love it sometimes and hate it other times! However, it was meant to be like this and it's probably a good thing. I mean, I'm a pretty impossible and stubborn daughter and if I had a bro/sis it'd be war! Because I like to be master of my territory, like a lion, except in a female, human version. I would give you an example about it, but I don't want to turn this post into a book. So, I'll leave it for the next one.
Until next time,
Take care!
Bye Byez~
I don't own this img.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is she full of herself or just plain confident?

Hey there cuties!
Glad you decided to read this post. I haven't made one since last month. I was suffering from a very common yet dreadful disease, that sucks all the life out of you, leaving you desperate, looking zombie-like and suicidal.. Yes, you guessed it wrong, it's EXAMS syndrome!
Enough of that. How did you like my new template?
Back to the main topic, (I always tend to ramble before going to the topic) First, some more rambling, but about our topic (I've said the word "topic" too much, hein?). I first made this post in September of 2012. At the last high school I went to before going to my current one (they're just a few blocks away). I wrote it on my Math's copy book and it stayed there since. I found it the other day and re-read it, I liked it a lot. So, I decided to finally share it with you guys. I'll be retyping exactly what I wrote with, maybe, a little improvement here and there, here I go:
I adore Barney Stinson from How I met your mother. He is VERY self confident, according to me.

   "Today's post's about people who are full of themselves. Yes, I'm talking about those people who walk around thinking they own everybody (available in both sexes, male and female). So, are you wondering why have I decided to talk about this? Well, 'cause I witnessed one of those creatures in Action and I had to write it down somewhere before I forget it. Now, my question here is: Do you think the following person is full of herself or just confident?
   So, I was hanging in school, with a friend, listening to some music and chatting during our break until, suddenly and out of the blue, we heard footsteps of someone walking through those incredibly over-crowded hauls. It's a soul taker! No, it's a grave digger! No, it's a war maker... (keep up with me now, it rhymes! That's the important thing.) And wrong again! It was Miss ''orange ridiculously body forming top, with a black waist-belt, black tights, and a walk that says "Outta my way I have some Jews to kill!'' (I have to stop using this sentence in my examples! I just can't think of anyone scarier, badder and more outgoing than Hitler.. A little help?) But the best is yet to come, that marvelous long, brown hair that she kept shaking from side to side like there was money hidden inside.'' And just as she passed by us, she raised that majestic hand of hers and she gracefully stroke her hair. I was B.L.O.W.N away!
Me and my friend had that moment where you make eye contact conversations, and ours was: SERIOUSLY?
But honestly, that girl knew how to get attention and SHE GOT IT! 
   Personally, I admire people who have self confidence with a little attitude.
However, the question remains, is she full of herself? Or is she super self confident? What do you think? Comment below and enlighten me!"
Don't own this cute pic.

   That was it, I had as much fun writing it as I had rereading it. Now, I do realize that it is none of my business what people do or act like, as it is no one's business what I do and or act like, but I just wanted to share this with you guys, for fun and to see what you think. No hating!
   At last, I was supposed to publish this long ago, but unfortunately as I mentioned before, it was written on my math's copy book and it takes me a lot of mental and physical effort to open it. However, I eventually did it, and for no one else but you guys!
And as promised, a picture of my dyed hair:

The color was a bit more mauve than this, but after being washed a lot, the color got redder..
As I mentioned before, I only dyed the tips, and this is supposedly a hair-friendly dye as it is nutritious and smells good. And indeed, I do feel that the tips of my hair are very healthy, soft and especially, not damaged (which kinda means healthy too).

Anyway, that's all!
Until next time,
Take care!
Bye Byez~

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