Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Friendship souvenirs!

Hello my pretty little popsicles!
Today's post is a domain where I like to consider myself a professional at. It's about, like you've read friendship souvenirs. 
Now, almost every time I go out with my friends, we must, must, must get a souvenir! It doesn't really matter what, as long as it lasts (not like food) and it would remind us of that awesome day we had and of course, each other.
I have had a lot of souvenirs, like bracelets and necklaces and other random, usual stuff... I might have lost a couple of them, but I still have a lot, here are some:
This is the oldest friendship souvenir I have, It's half a heart with the letters "..st ...end" The other half belongs to my friend N. If both hearts are joined, it says BEST FRIEND! I gave her the first half on her birthday two years ago. We almost never take them off! Thank God it's pure silver or else..
Next is this little cute teddy bear that says "I love you" Me and my two friends I. and N. bought one each last summer on the seasonal, international, town fair. Idk if they still have theirs.
These two black and pink cute plastic rings I got a couple of weeks ago when one of my best friends from middle school who moved away from the city last year came for a few days, we went out and went to this little mall-ish to check out what's new. She was insistent on buying a souvenir, but we didn't know what to buy. When we got into this tiny shop for necklaces, earrings, bracelets and stuff like that, I saw these cute multi-coloured rings. So, I picked up a black and a pink one and showed them to her. She then bought the same colours and we decided that would be our souvenirs. They are so cute and terribly inexpensive!
This really cute sea shell necklace I got with my two friends N. and I. last summer as well, when we went to the beach in the evening to have some fun decorated with a lot of icecream! It was a great day and that's what's left to remind us of it.

  That's about it! These really simple stuff don't only remind me of the great days I've spent, but also the great people I've spent them with. Souvenirs, memories are the only thing that the past leaves behind. So, might as well keep some good ones and throw away the bad ones.
  Do you have a souvenir that reminds you of a great day you had or even better a person you've been with? Comment below and tell me all about it ;)
That's all! 
Until next time,
Take care!
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  1. I have 2 necklaces (like half hearts!) one from my bff Nata and one from a previous boyfriend hehe. Then I got a bracelet with a half heart too from Nata. Last, I got a puré silver bracelet,from my current boyfriend. It has my name on it! I wear it all the time :)
    also I answered to your comments!

  2. friendship souvenirs are the best thing ever... when you miss your friends they bring you happiness just by looking at them ~❤


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