Saturday, April 27, 2013

Not every person wearing pants is a man and not every person going to school is a student.

   A special greeting from earth to the angelic livings of heaven! (This is me, complementing you).

I am incredibly lazy. And you probably know that by Now because I've mentioned this in a lot of posts. Which makes me a morning hater. I have nothing against the sun shining, pure oxygen in the air and birds singing, but leaving the love of my life, alone at home, with no one to keep him warm just breaks my heart! I mean what if I come home and he's not there anymore? My poor bed, this one's for you!
With that put aside, I wanted to talk about school. This is the last trimester and it just doesn't feel like education. It's getting hotter, you're tired, vacation's screaming your name, it is just not the right time to study! Therefore, I decided to share with you what I do in class (aside from pretending like studying) and maybe, be a bad influence on you.

  • I love drawing! Or writing statements on my arms. Here is some of my work:
This is basically the reason why I shouldn't be trusted with pens.
This is the latest one. It says "Stay strong!" Inspired from Demi Lovato's tattoo.

  • I also like to write quote or express myself whichever way. So, all my copybooks have at least one or two quotes or expressions or song titles.. on their cover. Here is some of my work:
here's how it works: The more complicated/boring a class gets, the more inspired I get.
And that' my physic's

Some of what I wrote:

-You can't always learn from your mistakes. Sometimes, you just have to live with them.              By Guidance~
-Good for you that most people can't see beyond the mirror. Or else, you'd look very ugly!
-They said you were ugly, but boy, I didn't expect THAT!!
-I'd love to hate you, but you're just not worthy of my feelings.
-Don't worry! You're face isn't the ONLY ugly thing about you.. There's also your personality.
-You're like an expired pack of milk. Good from the outside, but Disgusting from the inside.
-I can fix your face!
-I think I need PHYSICal therapy!
-I'm jealous of unemployed losers who stay at home doing nothing all day..It's not my fault if I'm just too cool to be like them. But a girl can dream.
-What the freak?
-Look at the bright side, you're looking good today! :)
-If you found this, it's mine.
-I don't need anger management. I just need this dude to stop pissing me off! (math t.)
-Please do sanitize your hands before touching this. It's cuter than u.

I have to say, some are ironic, weird, mean and meaningless, unexplainable, have no point, indicate the serious need of treatment..etc. But that's just how deranged I get at school. I'm a better person outside. :)

  • I also enjoy taking pictures with friends when the teacher's not looking, outside, inside, in between.. Just everywhere! It's good to keep memories!
  • Now, this is a bad thing, but if you were there, you'd totally agree. Sometimes, me and my friends kinda "accidentally" arrive late during English class because our teacher's a bit umm..strict? Hard? Strange? So, she races to the class room, closes the door and won't let anyone in! Usually a third of the class makes it in. I love it when I don't! (That's a guilty pleasure right there!) But our English is very easy, and I rarely learn something new.. So, what the heck?!
  • I have already mentioned this, me and my friends occasionally make videos dancing famous songs such as Gangnam Style and we actually are trying to make our own little horror movie where I happen to be the "horror" part of it. I just have one of those scary faces. We also plan to make a video dancing Gentleman of Psy. (We're not exactly "Pro" at it, but we just have as much as possible. Life is short!)
These are the five things I do at school aside from "studying". What are yours? Please tell me you do things and you're not that perfect! 'Cause if you are, don't tell me!
Crazy Coco!

Sneaky Lily!

The view from the back of my home.
   That was all! I can't wait for school to be over so I can finally sleep all day, do nothing all night and miss it a little more (by that, it's the part of being with friends that I miss) and hate it again..
Until next time,
Take good care! And stay outta trouble! Be cool, stay in school! (Strange saying that).
Bye Byez~


  1. My nails are the same color as yours in the first pic!! ahah
    Also the sky at your place is so pretty! :o
    (its all rainy here now haha)
    also, I have the permission of going out of school whenever I want haha, but I dont like missing lessons (unleast I feel sick or really tired).

    did you see my post of france?

    1. Well, I don't even leave school for doing all those Things. I just stay hanging at the school's yard. We have a big Space outside.
      I will definitely check out your post!


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