Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I love you, CoCo! But when you fart...

LOl. Hey there!
 I usually don't make more than one post a week, and that's when I'm not being lazy. But since I've been super busy this month and I'm probably going to be super -with a cape- busy next month. I decided to make another post on the very last day of our dear october.
I actually had another post theme in mind, but I preferred saving it for a special occasion.
 The title of this post is pretty weird and very confusing! Therefore you deserve some explaining, and here it is:
First, CoCo is my kitten. Second, yes, even cats fart!
So, here's the story:
  On a cold, dark night, I was lying on the couch, covered with a thick blanket, watching TV. Exactly the way I see myself 20 years from now. Until suddenly, my sweet little kitten came up on the couch and sat on my left shoulder. "So nice of her to join me" I thought "I always knew she was a sweet cat."A few minutes later, I sensed something. First I thought it was a gas leak coming from the kitchen. "No!" I said. "Gas doesn't smell like that." And then I thought it was an explosion of a garbage truck right outside "No way!" I said, again "It doesn't come at this time of the night. Plus, everything's locked, the odor couldn't have leaked in. Wait a sec! It couldn't possibly be me, could it?" -sniffing every part of my body and clothes that my nose could reach- "Nothing. Hold on!" -sniffs- "It's coming from my left side (a.k.a. the side of my shoulder where CoCo was sleeping) Oh! :O IT'S YOU!!"
 CoCo I love you! But when you fart....
That makes more sense now, doesn't it?
So, I just wanted to share that with you. Not exactly a Halloween tale.. But believe me that smell was frightening lol.
  Now, I can't talk about CoCo's farts without talking about CoCo!
I found her and 4 of her siblings last spring. They were a couple of weeks old and they didn't have a mom. So, their survival wasn't a sure thing.
  Bottom line, four of them were too weak and passed on to the "other side" and CoCo was the only one left. I knew it from the beginning that she was a surviver.
  I'll tell you, it was hard to to get my older cat used to her, he would always run away from her or make that cat sound that I think means "Stay away! I've been trained by Kong Fu Panda." But not her, she was and still is a stunts' cat! (thinking of a career in the movie business. Maybe the next Transformers or James Bond.) She can be the cat that killed a robot or a criminal mastermind by a simple FART! And when I say simple..
Now CoCo is a very healthy 5 month old kitten. She is very naughty, jumps on everything and everyone like a... bug that jumps a lot? Is very outgoing/rude and couldn't be more cute!
So, do you have a pet? what's their name? And especially, what's their story?
Her and her big bro Naruto-Otani (Yeah! I'm a manga freak!) he likes to sleep on her head and she loves to sit on his face!
That's all for this post!
Until next time,
Happy Halloween for those who celebrate it!
And enjoy your holidays for the ones who have one (Like me!)
As for the rest, Stay strong! week-end's around the corner.
Bye Byez~

Monday, October 29, 2012

Knowing when you're being FRIEND ZONED! (friend-ed)

Hello ladies!
Today's post I like. So, I hope you will too. I actually posted it on my other blog (Yes, I have that much free time. I wish!) And It was pretty nice, though very long. It was worth to be "reblogged" or something like that. So without further delay, here it goes:
"Today’s topic is something we’ve all done or/and experienced before, and it is the famous FRIEND ZONE! (Also known as being friend-ed!)

Wait a sec! You don’t know what it means? No prob! I’ll give you a little description of it.
  What does friend zoning mean?
Simple, it is having a friend whom you would like to be more than just friends with, but they don’t. So, what they’d do is FRIEND ZONE you! As in, s/he would tell you things that would point to the fact that they’re not interested in you.
Still a bit lost? Don’t worry! I Have many examples to make this topic clearer for you. So next time you’re being friend zoned, don’t embarrass yourself any further and show that ‘always a friend, never a boy/girlfriend’ what they’re missing.
So, without stalling, here are the most famous friend-zoning hints your ‘I just wanna be friends’ would give you. Or maybe you could use (Although, I feel sorry for that other person.) :
To avoid repetition, let’s assume that you are the friend zonee (the victim).
1-Reminding you that you are just a friend:
  • You are such a good friend!
  • You are my best friend!
  • You’ll ALWAYS be my friend!
  • You’re like my brother/sister!
Here, there’s repetition of the word friend/sibling, so that you understand there’s NO WAY you two are going to be together.
2-Blaming it on your friendship!
  • You’re a great guy/girl, but I don’t like you in that way.
  • I love you, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship. Because relationships never last, but friendships DO! (hmm.. -raise mah hand- Guilty?)
I think that’s a kick below the belt! It’s totally unfair, because that’d make you (The unfortunate friend zonee) HOOKED on him/her! But that’s another story… So, let’s just stick to our topic.
3-Telling you about their love interest (Whom by the way, isn’t YOU!)
  • I really like that girl/guy (who isn’t you!) I want to be with him/her.
  • My lover/crush this! My lover/crush that! S/He did this and that and blah blah blah..
  • ‘The lucky idiot’s name’ is soooo ‘compliment’ and soo ‘rain of compliments’ I soooo love him/her (again, not you!)
In this example, your ‘JUST friend’ is boring you with their love interest stories to indirectly tell you that the place you want to be in for them is already booked/occupied! And don’t get your hopes up! It might never be available even if it doesn’t with the other person.
4-Sharing with you details about their lives they wouldn’t share with their lovers:
  • -Telling you something about their intimate, personal lives-
  • -Telling you something that isn’t so “attractive” about him/her-
  • -Sharing too much details with you..-
Basically here, they would just tell you things they wouldn’t normally tell to their love interest.  Thus, referring to the fact you will not be more than a friend to them.
5-Pushing you away:
  • I’m sorry, I can’t hang out right now, I’m really busy. (giving this excuse many times)
  • I’m sorry, I completely forgot we had plans. We’ll do it another time k?
  • -Avoiding you as much as possible-
  • -Acting as if they don’t understand your ‘I like you’ hints, and sending you way off..-
  • -Stop being so nice to you because they thought it gave you the “wrong idea”-
  • -Being cold and acting so awkward around you..-
  • -Being careful and thinking before saying anything around you..-
This is a pretty common friend zoning act. And it’s where usually all friendships that have suffered from F. Z. situation go to. You would start acting awkward around each other, feeling nervous and being careful of what you can say next that would give the other person the wrong idea. That’s like the before-final phase of the friendship. Next, would be a major breaking up fight or a simple, peaceful ‘going on the different directions’ separation.
This is basically how F. Z. is done! I have to admit I have friend-ed before and I actually used all those methods! Therefore, just so you know, I’m speaking from experience.
Is friend zoning someone a good thing? Not really. But you can’t expect someone who always thought of you as a friend to suddenly fall for you because you did. So, take my advice! If you like someone, don’t get closer to them using the ‘I just wanna be friends’ excuse! But be honest! Tell them you’re interested in them! If they’re not,  be clear by saying “Ok! No prob. Let’s be friends if you want, but remember, I like you! And NOT as a FRIEND!” Then work your butt off to make them see you’re worth the try!
And if you do have a friend you’re interested in, Don’t confess without giving it a though! Think of the friendship you’re most likely going to ruin! And try seeing if that person’s interested in you or not.
Bottom line, guys, It’s not so hard to win a girl’s heart. Every girl likes an honest gentleman who at least tries to understand her.
And bottom line, girls, It’s not so hard to get a boy either, but there’s more than one way to get him. If you try the wrong one, all you’ll be getting are the wrong “ones”. But if you try the right way, like being nice, being true and especially being yourself, The right guy will come knocking on your doorstep!
And before I wrap this up people, here’s a couple of advice:
-Do not misinterpret friendly behavior as flirting..
-If the person you like rejected you and you can’t seem to win them over. It means it just wasn’t the right person, even  if they really seem perfect for you. But DON’T, and I insist DON’T YOU EVER let them use you under the excuse that you “might” be together one day..
Last but not least, if there’s someone who likes you, before friend zoning them, try giving them a chance. At least in your mind, consider them! Because they might be the best thing that could happen to you. But beware from Pricks!
That’s it for not, Sorry for being too talkative/typist!
Until next time,
Bye Byez~

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mad-Shopping disease! (It's the season!)

  Hello Ladies! I'm really excited about this post because it's about clothes  and like all females, this topic makes me feel like a kid in a candy store! I swear, this is genetic.
  So, where I live it's SALES season! You can buy things half their prices or even less! Seriously, I bought this cute, pink cardigan you'll see if you continue reading for about 10$ (Converted into American currency.) while I saw it a couple of weeks earlier with the price of 30$! Thank God I didn't buy it then!
  I think you understand and know the importance of this situation, and it would be a crime against    if I didn't take advantage of these amazing sales.
  So, without any further delay, here are all the things I bought the last couple of weeks:
  Three scarfs: A black, a beige, and a black with white stars scarfs. When it comes to the fabric my favorite one would be the beige's. It's a "pepper-and-salt" cloth, which means it's marked with a fine mixture of two different colours (beige and white in this case.) It has a very soft fabric, and it's very light. So is the black one. 
Only the black scarf with the stars was on sale. But I just had to get the other two because I didn't have those colours and I liked them.

  Long Cardigan: Black cardigan with white hearts, its very soft texture and cuteness make me want to wear all the time!

  Short cardigan: If you read from the beginning, this is the cardigan I bought for 1/3 its old price. It's pink with little cute pink hearts (If you're wondering, they're not white. It's just the light.) Now, talking about the texture, it's softer than ever! I can fall asleep and never wake up in this baby! (P.S ignore the hanging tag.)

  Three simple tops: A dark pink, a blue turquoise (because of the cam's quality, its colour looks more like royal blue.) and a beige top. We all need some colours in our lives!

  Pajamas: Royal blue top, and white with very light blue vertical stripes pants. I like it, it's so cute and comfy! + A friend of my mom paid for it as a gift. So, thanks to my mom's friend whom I don't know the name.

  Black high heeled combat boots: Combat boots are a must have for everyone! They're not only stylish, but also great for the winter. To keep your feet warm and good looking! Although, I have a prob. with high heels, because I'm tall person so they're not something I often wear (or ever!) But I guess I'll have to adjust.

  Pink converse: Converse is the teenage/sport fashion that will never die if you ask me!
I can't remember how many converses I've bought over the last few years. I just love'em! (it's my first pink one.)

 So, That's about it. I bought other stuff, but these are the newest ones I had! (most dating from yesterday.) I'm really a shopping lover! I wasn't that crazy about it before but this year I've gone a bit LOCO!
 Anyway, I still have a lot f shopping to do! We've got a pretty cold winter coming this year apparently. But it's still a bit hot in here so winter clothes aren't all here yet. There are some which I fell in love with, but I think I better wait and see what else they're going to bring..
  That's all for this post, I hope you liked it. Tell me if I should do posts like this more often.
  Until next time,
  Take care!
  Bye Byez~

Monday, October 8, 2012

How I deal with my mornings!

Hello people! So sorry I haven't been able to make a post in a while, I've been so busy! And also lost my Laptop charger (Accidentally switched mine with my friend's, who then had to leave for the whole weekend taking my charger with her.) So, I've been spending my time studying.. :p JK I've been just watching TV and doing things people with no PCs do. Turns out it ain't so boring.
So, I just got this idea about making a post talking about how I start my mornings and hoping that you'll share yours with me.
I'm one of the laziest persons you can ever meet! If it was up to me, I'd live in bed with a  TV, a remote control and a fridge. But, Unfortunately, the fridge's in the kitchen and The TV's in the living room (Thinking about buying a plasma TV with the money I have.) So, I'll have to walk all the way there.
Anyway, without further staling. Here's how my mornings are:
1-Wake up: Waking me up isn't the easiest thing to do, I can sleep through storms! So in order to wake me up, there's two techniques:
  • Be persistent and patient: This is my mom's specialty. What she would do is "wake up! Wake up! Wake up!...." An hour later "Wake up! You're late for school!" She usually starts to bluff by this point "It's 7:30 am..Your friend's calling!"
  • Be delicate: that's my dad's job! (YAY for daddy's little girl!) What he does is come to wake me up delicately, telling me the right time without adding half an hour like some people.. (Yeah! Talking about my mom here!) He usually understands what he needs to do, and give me a massage. But sometimes, I ask him to and of course he CAN'T say NO!
2-Walking around confusingly: Now, this is that part of the morning where you're walking with your eyes closed. What I do here is: I walk into every room, confused, trying to figure out what I'm doing there.. Then I  try figuring out what I should do next.
3-Looking out the window: This is me getting some help from nature to figure out what to wear. Lately I've been hoping for Rain! But it's sunny and hot as usual.
4-Doing my toilet: Usual things: Tooth brush, tooth paste, water and soap...
5-Getting dressed: This step is even longer than the 1st one (Waking up!) What I do here is: Open all the closet's doors, sit facing it and start thinking (Or fall asleep.) Most of the thinking has nothing to do with "What should I wear today?" I usually think about at what time do I get out of school, how many days till next week-end..etc Then I remember I'm late for school, so I hurry up putting on almost anything I find in my way. (Sometimes it turns out good, sometimes not so much..)
6-preparing my bag: Just putting books and copybooks I'll need. That's usually when I realize that I forgot to do my homework.
7-looking for the little stuff: I say and a lot would concur "When you're looking for something, you can never find it. So, its best to stop looking and let it come to you." I go all around the house madly searching for little things that are necessary like: Phone, headphones, keys, hair clips or headbands, my silver necklace,..etc.
8-Last minute adjustments: Do my hair quickly, put on some perfume, shoes, take the keys, the money and then Hasta la vista baby! (Btw, I'm not Spanish!)

      So this is basically how I spend my school mornings. In weekends there's no such thing as a morning for me! What about you? How do you deal with your mornings? I'd love to know! So don't be shy to share :)
      Also, I'd like if one of you (if there is anyone.) to writes a post about something that interests you, me and goes with the theme of my blog. And I will post it here admitting full credit to you. You can even promote your website while making that post (Just don't make it a publicity just for your blog or..) I know this blog isn't really "famous" (Yet! I keep my hopes held high.) I like to know my readers are contributing to making this blog as close as it can be from a home.
Until next time,
Take care.
Bye Byez~

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