Sunday, February 24, 2013

The crush I never got over.

Hello my little fuzzy, dolly kittens! hi onion head
If you'd ask my friends about me, they'd tell you I'm for boys like hitler for jues. (That's very exaggerated) But I don't really trust the opposite sex, I don't necessarily like all of them, especially like in the lovey-dovey way.. But I'm not a hater! I'm just..ummm careful.
If you've watched the movie "Deliver us from Eva", I am Eva!!
Don't own this image.
Shortly, it's about three guys who are sick of their sister-in-law nosing in their marriage lives and turning their wives (her sisters) against them, so they decide to pay a man to date her. A mistake they shouldn't have made.
Anyway, I don't have any sisters or nose into people's love lives, but I do give STRICT advices that I see are essential.. And none of my advices tend to go for the boyfriends' sakes.
I totally changed the subject of today's post, the crush I never got over.
   The other day, I was in the car with my parents, making my strategies on how to rule the world as usual until, out of nowhere, I remembered a crush I once had that has moved to Europe.. Now, just one clarification, a crush for me is like a toy for a five year old. I see it, I like it, I imagine myself playing with it and then I see a default or get bored of it, so I move on to the next toy. But with that guy, it was a little bit more different.
   The first time I saw him, I was like Oh mah Gosh! How come I've never seen him before? He had this beautiful dark hair, that adorable Emo hairstyle, those enchanting green eyes, that muscular body and to finish  up the look, that hat he always wore. All in all, he was pretty handsome pretty onion head. So, of course I HAD to put him in my crush list! admire2 onion head DUH!
   Sometimes, when I pass by he would say something nice or indirectly flirt with meh, aaaaaaahhh! He was adorable! wow2 onion head It really sucked when his best friend asked me out!hell yes onion head  Seriously? arggg! hate onion head I want him, not you!! No offense though, but the fact that you're half my length, older than me and my cousin's friend, didn't tell you anything? Like, hello?!! Wrong girl! expulsion onion head Oh! Well, anyway, I never liked easy relationships. I love what is hard to get! (By that I mean my crush not his friend) Oh! And another clarification, I have nothing against shorter guys, I tend to find them cute.
  About two years ago, I stopped seeing him around so often, till not seeing him at all sigh onion head. Until, last summer, my friend told me her brother told her that he emigrated to Europe, and it's less likely to impossible that he is coming back. I was a bit sad to hear the news lonely onion head because I never got the chance to see a default in him or get bored of him.. So, he's the one thing I'll never have, whether I want it or not.
   Now, he probably has a super hot, tall and attractive girlfriend if not wife! And he totally doesn't even remember me... Oh! Well, I hope one day I'll get to see him around again, just to see how he turned out to be, what's up with him, and show him what he lost meh onion head ! LOl nah! This :
Not to brag, but in a little bit cuter. XD

That kinda sounded sad or something. I'll get other crushes, I have other crushes.. I have enough toys to keep me busy! I'm a happy kid! (Not that I see guys as a material thing you can use and throw away. Never! I just admire from a distance.. I might not seem like it, but I'm a shy girlshy onion head.)
Anyway, this is it. Before going, I promised Ines a pic of my new hair color, I'm sorry, Ines. I'm writing this post at night time and the quality of the picture wouldn't look so good in the dark, but I promise it will be included in the next post.
And, another thing, how did you guys find using the onion head emoticons in my post? I got them from Here.
Until next time,
I'll let the emoticon wrap it up!
bye1 onion head

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wishlist 2013!

  Yesterday, 15th February, I went out down town with a couple of friends to see what's the latest thing in the fashion industry over here, and all I can say is we all were ≧❂◡❂≦ And I am /╯﹏╰\ now. Because everything was amazing and I wanted everything, but money is what I lacked.
So, here's what I want:
I'm really loving this coat! Especially/precisely the leather

I really want a studded bleached jean jacket.
And while I'm at it,  look at Demi Lovato??! wohoow!

  • A stripped (black and white) short at the front long at the back, loose and thick top that I've seen and totally fell for! I hope I will get it.

I love these cat eyes glasses!
I really want a long black blazer.
It's just so elegant and you can style it however you want. I think everyone should have a black blazer in their closets.
  • I also want a new pair of jeans, maybe bleached blue ones or dark grey or something..
I love this bag! It's so cute and simple. But I really posted this for its colour. I really want something with this colour.
I want a bag like this one. Love its colour.
You know what I want. I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha!
No, seriously, I want this lipstick.
It's still too cold for this, but I want a dress like this one for the summer.
  •  I also saw a black studded t-shirt, which I fell in love with its simplicity, rock-ness and cuteness.
  • I saw with that shirt a black studded bag with it. I was breath-taking and I want it too.
I bought a lot of shoes this year. So, I really don't want any for now.
  I think that's all that crosses my mind for now. I might want a 1000 other thing that I can't remember. Fortunately for me, my birthday's soon, which means $.$ for me! Yay!
I will keep you guys updated on my wishlist. Thanks for leaving a comment telling me what you wanna get.
Until next time,
Take care!
Bye Byez~

Friday, February 8, 2013

Yes, I've made mistakes. Life didn't come with instructions.

   "Don't place your mistakes on your head, their weight may crush you. Instead, place them under your feet and use them as a platform to view your horizons." In other words, "Mistakes are precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way."
   Hello my little angels! Did you think I forgot that part? I thought I should start this post with a couple of nice quotes, because I AM a quote addict and I love finding quotes that define my exact mood or thought. They somehow tell me that I'm not alone, people have been there, done that, survived it and so can I.
   So, Mistakes. Everyone made, makes and will make more of them. Why did I choose this topic? Not just because this is something I do everyday Even without noticing. But also because I have an essay to write, and it is about a mistake I have made that taught me a valuable lesson. I started looking in my mistakes' listS. But because I've made many, learned a lot of lessons, and I am incredibly forgetful, I couldn't think of the "right" mistake to write about. So, I thought that I always get inspired while writing on this blog. And here I am talking about mistakes.
   I think the bigger our mistakes are the more memorable the lessons we get from them are as well. And when it comes to that, I would say my most memorable lesson is: To not be naive anymore and to be careful from people. Not everybody is as honest with me as I am with them. And not everybody is my friend. So, yeah! my mistake was blindly trusting people.
   I'm jumping right into it because I'm sleepy and I'm waiting for my hair dye to dry up to see if it looks as good as it does in my expectations. (I won't be mentioning that in my essay)
  As an only child, I've always envied siblings who share everything together, good or bad. And those kids envied me even more for not having to share the good stuff with anyone. But they didn't realize that with every good, comes a bad.. And the worst side of being an only child, was being alone. That is why I was very social, I loved making friends, at any price. They could come to my home, play with all my toys, occasionally steal a couple, just so I wouldn't be alone anymore. And as I grew up, instead of toys, other stuff came. Like making others' homework, being nice to everyone even the ones I shouldn't be to..etc. Bottom point, I tried pleasing everybody so I'd win them as friends.
   Year by year, someone betrays me, stabs me in the back, and I just kept thinking "not everybody's that bad. I just befriended the wrong person.." But yet again, it looked like I kept choosing the "wrong" friends. It took a really terrible friend or friendship to realize that people aren't as good as I believed. The world isn't as perfect as I wanted it to be. At that point, I just stopped blindly trusting people, I stopped trying to make them like me. This is me, they have to take me as I am or leave me be. And as a wise person once said "I have reached a point in life where I feel it is no longer necessary to try and empress anyone. If they like me the way I am, good, and if they don't, it's their loss."
   In the end,  I guess it wasn't as much of a mistake as it was innocence. But I did learn something from it, and I got out of it better, stronger and smarter.

   That's all for now! Please let me know what you think of it. And of course, tell me about a mistake that you've made which taught you a valuable lesson. That might help me a lot to improve my essay.
Until next time,
Take care!
Bye Byez~

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hold on! Did you pass your friend test?

Hello my little kittens!
   Friends. Some say they are the siblings that God forgot to give us. Friends are very important in life. I mean, who are we without our friends? We'd probably be psychopaths and suicidal Emos.. (no offense to any psychopath or Emo on this page).
  I really love my friends! They truly are the siblings I never had. But not all my friendships lasted because friends are like shoes, you have to try them on, walk a little in'em and check them out in the mirror. And if they don't fit, you got to move on to the next shoes.
I've tried a lot of "shoes" in my life. Popularity shoes, smartness shoes, craziness shoes,..etc. I didn't like some. Such as the popularity ones, there was too much faking and back stabs. I liked the smartness ones, but they lacked a little thing, which I found in the craziness shoes that I loved! fun and joy! Enjoying the never lasting youth. So, I decided to keep both of those shoe types!
  I think you've figured out by now that today's topic s going to be about friends. I thought of giving out some advices about how to know who your real friends are in many ways..
So, here I go:
  • Everyone knows that the supreme test to reveal true friends is to be in need for them, to ask for a favor. Not an easy one, something only a true friend would do.
  • Friends don't just share the bad times with you, they share also the good ones. Someone who's there for you only when you need them is probably doing you a favor that you later will have to repay. And there is no such thing as a favor between friends. It is called being there for each other.
  • Friends don't date your ex/crush, cheat on you, tell your secrets, talk about you behind your back or stab you in it. It is easy to forgive, but hard to renew your trust in someone. And remember, if they did it once, they can do it again. So, know when to end a friendship and when to proceed it.
  • Friends don't come to you only in need for a favor and then forget knowing you until they need another one..etc.
   Finally, we should always have different types of friends in our lives because when mixing all their qualities together, you'll have a perfect happiness recipe! But the most important rule is to be comfortable with each and everyone of them 'cause that's really what friendship is about, being comfortable around each other.
What's the most important thing in a friend for you?
That's all for now.
Take care!
Bye Byez~


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