Friday, September 14, 2012

How to survive school?

Hellooooo my darlings!!
Since it's still new-to-school season and everybody's still fresh out of vacation, I thought it's ok if I make another post about it.
I know school's not everybody's favorite topic, it's hardly a good one. But it does make a huge part of our lives and most of what happens to us happens in/during it. So, learning to "live" with it is essential.
And that's what we're going to talk about today: How to survive school?
Considering I'm still alive, and I don't really hate it, I think it's okay if I hand out one or two tricks on how to handle school life.
   First, in school there's so many types of different people with super different personalities, even the ones you can't even imagine existing. The trick here is that you should be careful and wise when choosing your friends, Because your closest friends can be your worst enemies. So, don't trust anyone easily! I personally don't like to make too many friends, close ones anyway.. Most of my closest friends are ones I've known for 4 years or even 11 years! (Since primary school.)
   Second, Do not make enemies at school! You might underestimate some people, think they won't do you any harm, but you're wrong! Some people are really twisted and would live for the purpose of making your life a living hell! And considering that most of your life's in school right now, you better get away from these people. Even though some persons can really get on your nerves and get you out of your mind, you should just act like it's not even bothering you. Smile, and laugh at their stupid comments, be nice! 'Cause  you know what? That's what kills people like that. I've been there, done that.
    Third, STUDY! I know this is more like something your parents/teachers keep telling you, but studying all the time's no fun, and you want to live your life..etc I agree that studying all the time is NO fun at all, and that we deserve to rest and enjoy ourselves once in a while, but that doesn't mean neglecting our education. Remember that you're going to school in the first place to study! So, no matter how hard, and boring, and "uncool" it can be, try to open a book once in a while, do your homework! You won't believe how good it feels when you do something right and the teacher compliments you. After all, if you don't study, you're never getting outta school or your parents' house!
So these are my three tricks on how to survive school, it's working very well for me.
Got another advice? comment below and let me know!
Well, gotta go shopping now.
Take care,
Bye byez~


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