Friday, October 19, 2012

Mad-Shopping disease! (It's the season!)

  Hello Ladies! I'm really excited about this post because it's about clothes  and like all females, this topic makes me feel like a kid in a candy store! I swear, this is genetic.
  So, where I live it's SALES season! You can buy things half their prices or even less! Seriously, I bought this cute, pink cardigan you'll see if you continue reading for about 10$ (Converted into American currency.) while I saw it a couple of weeks earlier with the price of 30$! Thank God I didn't buy it then!
  I think you understand and know the importance of this situation, and it would be a crime against    if I didn't take advantage of these amazing sales.
  So, without any further delay, here are all the things I bought the last couple of weeks:
  Three scarfs: A black, a beige, and a black with white stars scarfs. When it comes to the fabric my favorite one would be the beige's. It's a "pepper-and-salt" cloth, which means it's marked with a fine mixture of two different colours (beige and white in this case.) It has a very soft fabric, and it's very light. So is the black one. 
Only the black scarf with the stars was on sale. But I just had to get the other two because I didn't have those colours and I liked them.

  Long Cardigan: Black cardigan with white hearts, its very soft texture and cuteness make me want to wear all the time!

  Short cardigan: If you read from the beginning, this is the cardigan I bought for 1/3 its old price. It's pink with little cute pink hearts (If you're wondering, they're not white. It's just the light.) Now, talking about the texture, it's softer than ever! I can fall asleep and never wake up in this baby! (P.S ignore the hanging tag.)

  Three simple tops: A dark pink, a blue turquoise (because of the cam's quality, its colour looks more like royal blue.) and a beige top. We all need some colours in our lives!

  Pajamas: Royal blue top, and white with very light blue vertical stripes pants. I like it, it's so cute and comfy! + A friend of my mom paid for it as a gift. So, thanks to my mom's friend whom I don't know the name.

  Black high heeled combat boots: Combat boots are a must have for everyone! They're not only stylish, but also great for the winter. To keep your feet warm and good looking! Although, I have a prob. with high heels, because I'm tall person so they're not something I often wear (or ever!) But I guess I'll have to adjust.

  Pink converse: Converse is the teenage/sport fashion that will never die if you ask me!
I can't remember how many converses I've bought over the last few years. I just love'em! (it's my first pink one.)

 So, That's about it. I bought other stuff, but these are the newest ones I had! (most dating from yesterday.) I'm really a shopping lover! I wasn't that crazy about it before but this year I've gone a bit LOCO!
 Anyway, I still have a lot f shopping to do! We've got a pretty cold winter coming this year apparently. But it's still a bit hot in here so winter clothes aren't all here yet. There are some which I fell in love with, but I think I better wait and see what else they're going to bring..
  That's all for this post, I hope you liked it. Tell me if I should do posts like this more often.
  Until next time,
  Take care!
  Bye Byez~


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