Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vacation planning!

   Hello my chocolate stuffed, vanilla topped cupcakes!
   Long time no post, I know. I've been very lazy and believe it or not, busy. But I finished my exams earlier this week and I am ready to come back to the blogging world because, yes, VACATION is mine to have!! I am so happy it finally came although it feels like a month since the first trimester of school started.. Time does fly! Anyway, for the few of you who might not be able to have holidays at the moment, I am sorry for you and respectfully..
   Alright, now that I got that cleared out, let's move on to the most important step that comes after vacation starts, the one which is right before slacking and having fun. Planning for it!
I know, I know it's the holidays! The only time we get to be spontanious and do whatever we want or don't want.. But try remembering with me all the past holidays you've had.. (Are you having a flashback? I know I am.) And the one thing I remember the most was sitting at home, bored to death, desperately trying to think of what to do for the day, and as expected, nothing comes to mind. But if you're not like me, then I don't really like you 'cause I'm extremely jealous of you. Anyway, I made the decision that the first thing I would do when my vacation starts is to make plans.
Here's what I did:
  • I have downloaded an app on my tablet wich would allow me to make plans for the day/week/month. There are several apps that can help you do so.
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An easy and old fashioned yet as helpful as an app, is an agenda. You can get your own agenda and pour in all the stuff you want to do on your holiday. Or even write it anywhere. A paper you can hang on your closet door or whatever you want. The important thing is to put your ideas into something other than your forgetful mind and that you can access anytime whenever you're feeling bored an clueless.
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  • You might forget one or two details you were planning on doing for a while. That is why I suggested having an easy-to-access planner, so when you remember it, you can add it on the spot.
  • Some of my plans are simple stuff I never had time to do during school, such as:
-Taking some guitar lessons which I just remembered.
-Learning some Japanese. Watashi wa Nihon ga daisuki desu! (I love Japan!)
-Going to visit my grandmother.
-Cook this and that. Find a summer job. Spend the summer job's money...etc.
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  • Also remeber vacation is a very, very short period. So, try to enjoy it to the fullest, keep busy and of course rest and sleep as much as you want! But of course, you already know that.

Anyway, everybody on vacation, have fun! And everybody who is not, hang in there!
Well, that's all! Don't wanna bore you too much.
Until next time,
take care!
Bye Byez~


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