Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Did you ever give a loyalty test?

"Don't trust guys! They're more dangerous than an old lady with a cane." That's what I told my friend A. when she told me that her boyfriend's little bro asked her out. Well, I don't know if it's just me who smelled it or you did too, but this 'little brother/best friend' of your boyfriend wants to go out with you scenario seems like a 'Déja vue' to me! It's like a test to see how loyal you are, will you say yes?..etc
oh! And by the way, Hi ;)
Proceeding. Personally I'm not into being "loyalty tested", I'm too nice and I can't say NO! Lol jk! But seriously, even though us girls try some tricks to test a person's loyalty, we don't like if someone questions ours.. That's why I decided to talk about LOYALTY TESTS~ today! (I think I'm contradicted myself in that last sentence.)
So, did you ever give anyone a loyalty test? I know I did! One of my famous tests is: Knowing the truth, but still asking the other person about it just to see if they're honest or not with me.
Therefore, I decided to search around my brain, and the net mostly about famous loyalty tests and give you girls the most famous ones I could find. So here we go:
      -Leaving money or something hanging around and see if the other person takes it to themselves or brings it to you. This is the oldest trick in the book, we did it as kids when joking around..
      -Telling that person something untrue and very controversial about someone else, or anything.. And all you'll have to do is wait and see if the news is out, you got your answer. This is how a lot of fake people get caught..
      -One of the most efficient tests of loyalty, I think is when you do something wrong.. If that person is really your friend (or whatever.) he/she will find it in her/his heart to forgive you. And true friends..etc never believe rumors others say about you.
      -Asking the other person for a favor. But not just any favor, something inconvenient. This will prove how far this person's willing to go to help you out of a tough situation. (Don't overdo it though!)

   And last but not least, remember girls that if you wouldn't like someone to question your loyalty, they might not want you to question theirs either. I know it's better to be safe than sorry, but stuff like this can make you lose someone who really cares about you. So, be extra SAFE!
Anyway, I only made this post for fun, though I've done some of these tests growing up while trying to figure out which friends to keep and which to walk away from. I'm glad to say now, I know who my true friends are and I can walk blindfolded with them by my side.
So, cherish your best friends, try not to lose them. Good friend aren't easy to find, but they're easy to recognize.
Until next time,
Take care!
Bye byez~


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