Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to school madness!

Salut everybody!
I was, again, thinking too hard about what to make this post about. And then I asked myself: What's the hottest topic that's going on in every girl's mind including me, of course lately?
And yes! Obviously the answer was crystal clear: Going back to prison, sorry. School!!!
BUT  not only us, the young female community are thinking/stressing about it. Everybody is! Your parents think: That's that time of the year where they empty my pockets and I can't say no to it!
Your teachers think: @*#fhgo@! I'm gonna spend another year of pure agonizing hell!
The lunch ladies think: Need more rat poison!
And last but not least, you think: YAY on buying lots of unnecessarily necessary stuff! Boo on seeing the teachers and the rest of the faculty's faces! YAY on getting together with old friends and having the most fun! Boo on sleeping/waking up early!
I think that's about right.
But you see, I'm a positive person, I like to see the glass half full of apple juice 'cause I feel like drinking one right now. So, I'm actually happy about GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!  Because? Well, here's a list of reasons:
  -Buying so many new clothes with half their prices!
  -Parents can't complain about me spending too much money, because it's for educational purposes! (In order to study well I need to feel well, and in order to feel well I need to dress well, and you know where that leads.)
  -Finally getting together with friends that I didn't get to see or spend time with during the summer! I'm sooo excited for this part especially, I really miss my crazy bestie <3
  -I'm no longer a junior at high school. Yup, I'm in my second year, which means I'm more used to everybody there, and I'm no longer the new kid! YAY!!!!
  -Finally, even though school can be exhausting, terrifying, and almost like hell. But that's the stage of our lives we're gonna look back at one day, and honestly believe that it's what made us who we are. That's why, at the end of it all, everything I remember about school is the Good times I've spent. And so should you!
So as a conclusion, school doesn't suck! Teachers do!
No! No! Just kidding. Seriously though, school is a major part of our lives, Whether we hate it or love it, it's where a lot of  It happens for us. And believe me, there's gonna be a time where we're gonna love it! Take my word for it.
That's all!
Until next time,
stay positive!


  1. hihi i totally agree !
    i love to buy new stuff, i've done so many posts about it. plus a 'school stuff and stationery' post! if you like come see it, it may give you good ideas :D


  2. Ines: I've been following your blog for quite a while now, I love all your posts! great job :D


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