Sunday, February 24, 2013

The crush I never got over.

Hello my little fuzzy, dolly kittens! hi onion head
If you'd ask my friends about me, they'd tell you I'm for boys like hitler for jues. (That's very exaggerated) But I don't really trust the opposite sex, I don't necessarily like all of them, especially like in the lovey-dovey way.. But I'm not a hater! I'm just..ummm careful.
If you've watched the movie "Deliver us from Eva", I am Eva!!
Don't own this image.
Shortly, it's about three guys who are sick of their sister-in-law nosing in their marriage lives and turning their wives (her sisters) against them, so they decide to pay a man to date her. A mistake they shouldn't have made.
Anyway, I don't have any sisters or nose into people's love lives, but I do give STRICT advices that I see are essential.. And none of my advices tend to go for the boyfriends' sakes.
I totally changed the subject of today's post, the crush I never got over.
   The other day, I was in the car with my parents, making my strategies on how to rule the world as usual until, out of nowhere, I remembered a crush I once had that has moved to Europe.. Now, just one clarification, a crush for me is like a toy for a five year old. I see it, I like it, I imagine myself playing with it and then I see a default or get bored of it, so I move on to the next toy. But with that guy, it was a little bit more different.
   The first time I saw him, I was like Oh mah Gosh! How come I've never seen him before? He had this beautiful dark hair, that adorable Emo hairstyle, those enchanting green eyes, that muscular body and to finish  up the look, that hat he always wore. All in all, he was pretty handsome pretty onion head. So, of course I HAD to put him in my crush list! admire2 onion head DUH!
   Sometimes, when I pass by he would say something nice or indirectly flirt with meh, aaaaaaahhh! He was adorable! wow2 onion head It really sucked when his best friend asked me out!hell yes onion head  Seriously? arggg! hate onion head I want him, not you!! No offense though, but the fact that you're half my length, older than me and my cousin's friend, didn't tell you anything? Like, hello?!! Wrong girl! expulsion onion head Oh! Well, anyway, I never liked easy relationships. I love what is hard to get! (By that I mean my crush not his friend) Oh! And another clarification, I have nothing against shorter guys, I tend to find them cute.
  About two years ago, I stopped seeing him around so often, till not seeing him at all sigh onion head. Until, last summer, my friend told me her brother told her that he emigrated to Europe, and it's less likely to impossible that he is coming back. I was a bit sad to hear the news lonely onion head because I never got the chance to see a default in him or get bored of him.. So, he's the one thing I'll never have, whether I want it or not.
   Now, he probably has a super hot, tall and attractive girlfriend if not wife! And he totally doesn't even remember me... Oh! Well, I hope one day I'll get to see him around again, just to see how he turned out to be, what's up with him, and show him what he lost meh onion head ! LOl nah! This :
Not to brag, but in a little bit cuter. XD

That kinda sounded sad or something. I'll get other crushes, I have other crushes.. I have enough toys to keep me busy! I'm a happy kid! (Not that I see guys as a material thing you can use and throw away. Never! I just admire from a distance.. I might not seem like it, but I'm a shy girlshy onion head.)
Anyway, this is it. Before going, I promised Ines a pic of my new hair color, I'm sorry, Ines. I'm writing this post at night time and the quality of the picture wouldn't look so good in the dark, but I promise it will be included in the next post.
And, another thing, how did you guys find using the onion head emoticons in my post? I got them from Here.
Until next time,
I'll let the emoticon wrap it up!
bye1 onion head


  1. aww don't worry :)
    you know, I had a crush, over an italian guy, but he went back to italy one day...we talked on facebook and he told me he liked me too :o so he came back for the holidays, and we met... but the relation did not last. At least i got a bit of him ;)
    and the emoticons are so cute!!

  2. Beautiful pictures my dear! your blog is so lovely!:)
    we can follow each other if you want :)
    xoxo Gloria

  3. Nice blog! Loved the pictures and the emocons..made the whole post so lively :)

    Come visit us sometime :)
    Would you like to follow each other? Lemme know...

  4. cute emotion icons :P

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  5. I am careful too so I know exactly what you mean ;). Gotta watch that movie :D Thanks for sharing <3

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  6. hahaha im sure you will find new one soon you are still young x3

    visit my blog ^^


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