Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is she full of herself or just plain confident?

Hey there cuties!
Glad you decided to read this post. I haven't made one since last month. I was suffering from a very common yet dreadful disease, that sucks all the life out of you, leaving you desperate, looking zombie-like and suicidal.. Yes, you guessed it wrong, it's EXAMS syndrome!
Enough of that. How did you like my new template?
Back to the main topic, (I always tend to ramble before going to the topic) First, some more rambling, but about our topic (I've said the word "topic" too much, hein?). I first made this post in September of 2012. At the last high school I went to before going to my current one (they're just a few blocks away). I wrote it on my Math's copy book and it stayed there since. I found it the other day and re-read it, I liked it a lot. So, I decided to finally share it with you guys. I'll be retyping exactly what I wrote with, maybe, a little improvement here and there, here I go:
I adore Barney Stinson from How I met your mother. He is VERY self confident, according to me.

   "Today's post's about people who are full of themselves. Yes, I'm talking about those people who walk around thinking they own everybody (available in both sexes, male and female). So, are you wondering why have I decided to talk about this? Well, 'cause I witnessed one of those creatures in Action and I had to write it down somewhere before I forget it. Now, my question here is: Do you think the following person is full of herself or just confident?
   So, I was hanging in school, with a friend, listening to some music and chatting during our break until, suddenly and out of the blue, we heard footsteps of someone walking through those incredibly over-crowded hauls. It's a soul taker! No, it's a grave digger! No, it's a war maker... (keep up with me now, it rhymes! That's the important thing.) And wrong again! It was Miss ''orange ridiculously body forming top, with a black waist-belt, black tights, and a walk that says "Outta my way I have some Jews to kill!'' (I have to stop using this sentence in my examples! I just can't think of anyone scarier, badder and more outgoing than Hitler.. A little help?) But the best is yet to come, that marvelous long, brown hair that she kept shaking from side to side like there was money hidden inside.'' And just as she passed by us, she raised that majestic hand of hers and she gracefully stroke her hair. I was B.L.O.W.N away!
Me and my friend had that moment where you make eye contact conversations, and ours was: SERIOUSLY?
But honestly, that girl knew how to get attention and SHE GOT IT! 
   Personally, I admire people who have self confidence with a little attitude.
However, the question remains, is she full of herself? Or is she super self confident? What do you think? Comment below and enlighten me!"
Don't own this cute pic.

   That was it, I had as much fun writing it as I had rereading it. Now, I do realize that it is none of my business what people do or act like, as it is no one's business what I do and or act like, but I just wanted to share this with you guys, for fun and to see what you think. No hating!
   At last, I was supposed to publish this long ago, but unfortunately as I mentioned before, it was written on my math's copy book and it takes me a lot of mental and physical effort to open it. However, I eventually did it, and for no one else but you guys!
And as promised, a picture of my dyed hair:

The color was a bit more mauve than this, but after being washed a lot, the color got redder..
As I mentioned before, I only dyed the tips, and this is supposedly a hair-friendly dye as it is nutritious and smells good. And indeed, I do feel that the tips of my hair are very healthy, soft and especially, not damaged (which kinda means healthy too).

Anyway, that's all!
Until next time,
Take care!
Bye Byez~


  1. your new layout is more simple than the previous one, but still keeping your style! I love!
    I am not a very self confident person, usually...

    and omg omg you hair!! :D
    Did you bleach/uncolor it before?


    1. Thank you!
      At first, I dyed the tips blonde but it wasn't as blonde as I wished and this dye was supposed to give me the color I want but instead that's what it gave me. So, yeah! You can say it was bleached before.

  2. you layout is cute and I LOVE Braney..i think the girl was full of herself and a show-off! am crazy about Red these days..so..love your hair color! thanks for dropping in..followed u at GFC : ) keep in touch!



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