Sunday, November 18, 2012

Winter Season's coming...tonight!

The back view from my apartment. No sun anymore!
And that building's a hotel. (it's not that low, it's just that this little mountain's a bit high)

Hello my sweet, colorful  candy canes!
Oh! Winter! Winter! Winter! The coldest, chilliest season of the year! The season of high boots and furry coats. The season of cotton tops and warm leggings. The season of runny noses, thick blankets and grandma soups.
Now, isn't that a great trimester? (Didn't feel like repeating 'seasons' But I just did! >.<)
It also happens to be the season of my birth. No wonder I Literally have such a cold blood; my hands are like a vampire's. "Say it! Out loud!" (quoting from Twilight. Btw, who watched breaking dawn part 2?)
You might wonder why such a late post? Winter came long ago erasing mr. Fall from the calender. Not where I came from, it didn't. Actually here, fall was a very hot season. Until these last couple of weeks when Winter started to manifest and impose its chilliness. It's not that cold yet! I still didn't wear a coat. However, it is the first steps to a wonderfully freezing winter.
Aha! I feel so funky! The rain makes me feel alive.
So, I just wanted to welcome our fellow Winter, welcome the fashion that is brings with And say goodbye to my parents' money. This year there's no such thing as black and grey only when it comes to clothes! It starts from purple to royal blue to emerald to cobalt to caramel to red to snow white to a never endless list of beautiful winter colours.. This winter, it's going to snow in colours!
Girls, get your credit cards/wallets out and start spending!! I know if I don't go out and buy something by the end of this week, I'm gonna lose it!
Finally, I wish you a merry winter and a happy new gear!
Beware from flues and colds, and remember before you wear/buy something think 'will it keep me warm?' then think 'will it look good on me?' Not the opposite. Be beautiful and comfortable in the same time ladies (and gentlemen).
One last thing, Do you advise me of buying combat boots or girly high to the knees boots or something else?
Well, that's all .
Until next time,
Take care!
Bye byez~
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