Saturday, December 8, 2012

Alex's RAINBOW cupcakes!!

Hey there my little, majestic snowflakes!
Today's post is totally different from the posts I usually make, as I am a terrible cook for I always get busy on my laptop and completely forget the food on the stove or often replace some ingredients with uneatable substances that I confuse them with.. But do not worry! I didn't cook these.
My friends, prepare yourself for a whole new style of modern cooking! A cooking that combines Love, Creativity and Beauty in one cupcake. I present to you my British friend, Chef Alex's delicious and superb Rainbow Cupcakes:

  • Before being surrendered to the wonders of the oven world:

Yum! M&M's!!

  •  Ready to be consumed by heart then by taste:

She calls these cakepops.

  • Our super cute chef:

That's it. If you like the way they look like (the cupcakes and the chef ;) ), you'll love the way they taste like!
Do you want the recipe? you gotta PAY! jk! Tell me and I'll post it for you.
One more thing:
 Checkout one of my latest favourite blogs Ice GodDhez. The link will direct you to her giveaway post that I absolutely loove! Because it's not any giveaway, it's THE giveaway!
I totally participated to be one of the five winners -fingers crossed-
So, If you want to be too, and I'm sure you do, go ahead! Click on the link! And get on with it!! Gooo!!!
That's it!
Until next time,
TAke care!
Bye Byez~


  1. Cupcakes!! I want the recipe:) get mine on my post of yesterday. And haa it was an effort for both my family and I. It costed 333euros,plus the case20 so 353euros. I paid 183, and the rest,my aunt,my uncle and parents paid. Wehee genereous! But they do only this at special time,like christmas or at the end of the schoolyear (with awesome grades ofc..)


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