Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Someone just went shopping! Guess who?

Hey there my sweet royalties!
Today I went shopping, finally!!!
I was being stood-up so many times by my "shopping date" Which made me very angry at her because I hate when people don't keep their words/promises. And fixing a shopping date is a really BIG ONE!
However, being stood up wasn't such a bad thing, because as  I was telling this story to 2 of my friends at school they suggested to go with me this afternoon down town to do what I have been waiting for my whole life (well, not my whole life, but you get it right?) Anyway, I was very much amazed at what I saw! There was a lot, a lot, a lot of cute stuff. Every single thing was better than the other.. I didn't get everything I wanted because it got late and shops started closing. But I managed to cross a couple of things off my wish-list.
Not to worry though, I am going out again this weekend with my mother. You might ask how? Well, even if you didn't I am going to tell the story anyway.
My mom: Mom's birthday's this Sunday so, I'll go buy her a sweater, I know she wants one.
Me: Don't go alone! Let me go with you and help you choose. (I know! I'm so nice!)
My mom: Why? Is she YOUR mom?
Me: -shocked innocent face- but she's my Grandma. Besides, they always say "better than your children are your children's children."
My Dad: Oh! Yeah! She's right!
Me: I know where you can find a great sweater! I saw this shop where ....blah blah..
My Mom: OK.

Me: And since we're going down town, I'll take the opportunity to buy.. blah blah blah..
My mom: -thinking: So, that's why!-
Me: -I'm so smart!-

You're thinking of the same thing, right? Lol.
So here's a sneak peek on what I got:
Beige Jeans.
This is the top. (duh?) It's a very soft woolen jumper.
Not to forget that matching scarf that has a beautiful soft fabric.

Me trying and failing to show the wholeoutfit because I have no one else to take my pic. Sorry!
 Still need the shoes. Thinking of matching them with the top, like a royal blue colour. I'm sure I'll find many. Hopefully!
That's all for now! Time for bed! (actually it was time a couple of hours ago)
 Oh! I almost forgot to ask you what you think about it and what kind of shoes do you think I should buy for this type of outfit?
Until next time.
Take care!
Bye Byez~


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