Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY: High-Low blouse/dress.

Hello my little pink pumpkins!
   High-Low shirts, blouses, dresses and skirts have been one of the most famous, fabulous and craziest fashion  hits lately. I was dying to get myself a High-Low blouse, but alas spring clothes haven't hit the markets here yet. So, I decided to not wait any longer and make one myself.

This is actually my mother's dress from back when she was young. I had found it recently and totally fell for it because as you know stripped clothes have been inn this season, and every other season as well. But the only problem is that it was too long (under the knees). That is why I've decided to turn it into a High-Low blouse/dress. And I'm so glad it worked and that I didn't ruin it!
I didn't take a picture of the dress before, but you can have an idea on how it used to look from the following pic.

   So, what I did here is just that I folded it in half from the middle (both the frunt and the back) make sure you don't fold the back part underneath the frunt.
You can grab a marker or chalk or anything else you can use to mark the way for you to cut. You might want to get a coulour that's visible on your fabric.
Then I just started cutting all the way down. If you look at it well, you'll notice that it's cut off in an S shape.

And this is the result. You can see a little default at the bottom of the back. It's not really circular, but I fixed it later. You can also notice a lot of strings sticking out at the sleeves. Well, where the sleeves used to be anyway, I cut them off. I preffered it sleeveless.

I didn't have anyone to take a picture of me. Therefore, the picture I took myself with my laptop cam isn't "the best". Sorry!
This is how it looks:

From the side and the frunt. It can be worn simlpy maxi this way. Or I could add a belt to it, which would look very cute.

I just styled it here with a short white cardigan, black jeans and a studded black bag.

   And again, sorry for the quality and the bad pic. I still don't have a good cam and my phone's...long gone in a coma. The docs say it might wake up next week.
I am also going to make my own peter pan collar. If and when it works, I will totally share it!
That's it!
Until then,
Take care!
Bye Byez~


  1. Yeah I know Owl city, I like the songs :))
    And waaah awesome and so easy 0.0

    thanks for sharing!

  2. oh love how u did it!
    and striped clothes are so in right now!


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