Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hold on! Did you pass your friend test?

Hello my little kittens!
   Friends. Some say they are the siblings that God forgot to give us. Friends are very important in life. I mean, who are we without our friends? We'd probably be psychopaths and suicidal Emos.. (no offense to any psychopath or Emo on this page).
  I really love my friends! They truly are the siblings I never had. But not all my friendships lasted because friends are like shoes, you have to try them on, walk a little in'em and check them out in the mirror. And if they don't fit, you got to move on to the next shoes.
I've tried a lot of "shoes" in my life. Popularity shoes, smartness shoes, craziness shoes,..etc. I didn't like some. Such as the popularity ones, there was too much faking and back stabs. I liked the smartness ones, but they lacked a little thing, which I found in the craziness shoes that I loved! fun and joy! Enjoying the never lasting youth. So, I decided to keep both of those shoe types!
  I think you've figured out by now that today's topic s going to be about friends. I thought of giving out some advices about how to know who your real friends are in many ways..
So, here I go:
  • Everyone knows that the supreme test to reveal true friends is to be in need for them, to ask for a favor. Not an easy one, something only a true friend would do.
  • Friends don't just share the bad times with you, they share also the good ones. Someone who's there for you only when you need them is probably doing you a favor that you later will have to repay. And there is no such thing as a favor between friends. It is called being there for each other.
  • Friends don't date your ex/crush, cheat on you, tell your secrets, talk about you behind your back or stab you in it. It is easy to forgive, but hard to renew your trust in someone. And remember, if they did it once, they can do it again. So, know when to end a friendship and when to proceed it.
  • Friends don't come to you only in need for a favor and then forget knowing you until they need another one..etc.
   Finally, we should always have different types of friends in our lives because when mixing all their qualities together, you'll have a perfect happiness recipe! But the most important rule is to be comfortable with each and everyone of them 'cause that's really what friendship is about, being comfortable around each other.
What's the most important thing in a friend for you?
That's all for now.
Take care!
Bye Byez~


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