Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I love you, CoCo! But when you fart...

LOl. Hey there!
 I usually don't make more than one post a week, and that's when I'm not being lazy. But since I've been super busy this month and I'm probably going to be super -with a cape- busy next month. I decided to make another post on the very last day of our dear october.
I actually had another post theme in mind, but I preferred saving it for a special occasion.
 The title of this post is pretty weird and very confusing! Therefore you deserve some explaining, and here it is:
First, CoCo is my kitten. Second, yes, even cats fart!
So, here's the story:
  On a cold, dark night, I was lying on the couch, covered with a thick blanket, watching TV. Exactly the way I see myself 20 years from now. Until suddenly, my sweet little kitten came up on the couch and sat on my left shoulder. "So nice of her to join me" I thought "I always knew she was a sweet cat."A few minutes later, I sensed something. First I thought it was a gas leak coming from the kitchen. "No!" I said. "Gas doesn't smell like that." And then I thought it was an explosion of a garbage truck right outside "No way!" I said, again "It doesn't come at this time of the night. Plus, everything's locked, the odor couldn't have leaked in. Wait a sec! It couldn't possibly be me, could it?" -sniffing every part of my body and clothes that my nose could reach- "Nothing. Hold on!" -sniffs- "It's coming from my left side (a.k.a. the side of my shoulder where CoCo was sleeping) Oh! :O IT'S YOU!!"
 CoCo I love you! But when you fart....
That makes more sense now, doesn't it?
So, I just wanted to share that with you. Not exactly a Halloween tale.. But believe me that smell was frightening lol.
  Now, I can't talk about CoCo's farts without talking about CoCo!
I found her and 4 of her siblings last spring. They were a couple of weeks old and they didn't have a mom. So, their survival wasn't a sure thing.
  Bottom line, four of them were too weak and passed on to the "other side" and CoCo was the only one left. I knew it from the beginning that she was a surviver.
  I'll tell you, it was hard to to get my older cat used to her, he would always run away from her or make that cat sound that I think means "Stay away! I've been trained by Kong Fu Panda." But not her, she was and still is a stunts' cat! (thinking of a career in the movie business. Maybe the next Transformers or James Bond.) She can be the cat that killed a robot or a criminal mastermind by a simple FART! And when I say simple..
Now CoCo is a very healthy 5 month old kitten. She is very naughty, jumps on everything and everyone like a... bug that jumps a lot? Is very outgoing/rude and couldn't be more cute!
So, do you have a pet? what's their name? And especially, what's their story?
Her and her big bro Naruto-Otani (Yeah! I'm a manga freak!) he likes to sleep on her head and she loves to sit on his face!
That's all for this post!
Until next time,
Happy Halloween for those who celebrate it!
And enjoy your holidays for the ones who have one (Like me!)
As for the rest, Stay strong! week-end's around the corner.
Bye Byez~


  1. Ooh your kitty is absolutely cute! I want to have a cat as well but my parents are superstrict in things of pets, what a pity! xx

  2. MH.I too have a strict mother, but she knows if I don't have any pets I'd die.
    I can't help it that i love animals so much! And the fact that I'm an only child helps too I guess :)

  3. I have a cat, his name is Whisky! I like to call him cinnamon roll when he puts himself in a 'donut' position :) cats are so cute !!

  4. Ines, I love your cat's name and nickname!
    I don't know if they're doing it on purpose, but animals are really good at being CUTE~


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