Friday, March 29, 2013

50 random facts about Me!

Hello my sublime cherry candies!
I have mentioned earlier in this post that I liked the idea of mentioning random facts about yourself and would probably make a post about it. Okay! You might not care about knowing random facts about me, you'd be like "What do I care? I ain't gonna marry you!" But hey! Stick around, this might be fun. And hey! You might find that we have things in common and then want to marry me. Lol! Just kidding! I meant want to comment and follow me.. And maybe be friends!
Ok! here are 50 facts about MEMEMEMEE!
  1. I adoooore animals!!! Like seriously, all animals!
  2. Whenever I see ants, I get chills and my body would start itching me everywhere like they're crawling on me.
  3. When/If it's past my bed time and I'd still be awake, my brain would automatically be drunk and I would talk like my life depends on it (as in A LOT) and say weird stuffs that I probably will regret. But I also find that my writing skills get better.
  4. Whenever I watch a show that I love, if you dare talk to me or even stand near my field of vision, you're DEAD!
  5. I always have to change something about my look because I get easily bored of the usual.
  6. I am one the most stubborn persons you can ever meet!
  7. Whenever I don't understand/forget a part of a song, I just make my own lyrics for it just to finish it.
  8. I'm very competitive.
  9. I always say that anyone can win my heart with a simple bouquet of Jasmine (my favs).
  10. I can tell when an animal's dangerous or not.
  11. Sometimes, at night, when I have to go to the bathroom, but my mind doesn't feel like waking up, I find myself sitting on my knees in a praying position, THIS close from doing it in my pants.
  12. I like looking at fashion websites (or even on TV) and decide which clothes I want to have as if they were given to me for free.
  13. I only sleep on my stomach. Any other position would give me nightmares, or hurt my muscles or even prevent me from sleeping.
  14. I always imagine falling and breaking my front tooth. That scares the heaven outta me!
  15. I like to produce small movies with my friends on our spare time in school. And I think I'd make a great scary girl in a horror movie.
  16. I like it when people underestimate me and I'd prove them wrong.
  17. I always sing loudly while bathing..
  18. I have four piercings in both my ears.
  19. As a kid my cousins called me Sausage because I was thin and tall.
  20. Whenever my parents call me "Noussa" (which is a nickname), I immediately understand that they need me to do something for them.
  21. I don't know how to hug.
  22. I don't know how to express my feelings.
  23. I get nervous when I make eye contacts with someone for too long.
  24. I love my math teacher!
  25. That was a lie!
  26. My mom always says I need to see a psychiatrist and I always say that they told me there's no cure for my condition.
  27. I change moods like shopaholics change their shoes.
  28. I won't pass my driver's licence because I hate cars and anything that moves with an engine.
  29. I used to bully my big dolls during the day as a kid and would ask my mom to keep them in her closet at night so they wouldn't come for me.
  30. I learnt German by watching cartoons on a German channel when I was a kid, but forgot it after I stopped watching it!
  31. I'd rather be alone than to be in the company of someone I don't really know well.
  32. My worst nightmare is that everything would be fine and neat and then it all becomes messy and there would be a lot of screams and anger..etc. I would wake up crying from it.
  33. I am incredibly lazy.
  34. I like to find things I have in common with cats (love of sleep, laziness, jealousy, good jumps, always fall on my feet..etc.)
  35. I'm scared I'll end up becoming a boring person with a regular life that no one will remember.
  36. I'm really not social.
  37. I'm not a big fan of kids although they like me.
  38. I have a minor OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).
  39. I like it when people tell me I'm tall, even as an insult.
  40. I like to watch music videos that suck (for my opinion) just to make fun of the people in'em.
  41. I love Japan and wanna go there!
  42. I always wanted to have a summer job, but my mom would always find a reason why I shouldn't.
  43. I was never grounded, although I was/am an impossible child! (I'm an only child).
  44. My parents never say no to me because I don't take no for an answer.
  45. I have a strong immune system.
  46. I have a bad memory. So, everything I find important I note in my diary. So far, I have four.
  47. There's no such thing as "guilty pleasure" for me. I wanna eat something, I eat it. Life's too short to regret anything.
  48. I want to have braces.
  49. I love to travel.
  50. I have 00 red peace of clothing in my closet.
Ok! That's alll!! Tell me a few random, weird or funny or cool stuffs about yourselves beauties!
 I'm travelling to the capital of my country, Algiers in a few. I need to go, my mom can't stop calling for me..
Wish me luck!
Bye Byez~


  1. Hi girl :) this tag is totally awesome and interesting ! I'd love to do one of these on my blog as well and then I'll link it back to your post if you don't mind :). Have an awesome week. Safe trip to the capital of your country :)

    Xoxo all the way from Malaysia !!!!

    Angie :)

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! didnt know some facts about u myself ... and this post helped me wid that !! :D <3


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