Wednesday, November 28, 2012

People with sunglasses and no SUN?

Hey there my little heart-shaped chocolate bites!
Today I'm going to talk about a very weird phenomenon, which is: people who wear sunglasses when the sun isn't even around!! I mean, I understand that some have to, like: Stars, Blind people, people with a bruised eye/s.. But anyone else? I don't see why. I know sunglasses are cool and all, but they're not called that way for no reason. It's S.U.N GLASSES! Does it have to be written in bold and spelled out for them?
I know. I know. I'm being too obsessive about this subject, but my teenage hormones are flipping right now. So, I have to direct my anger towards something and the weird sunglass wearing people happen to be the victims.
Here's the story: 
P.S Keep in mind that it's almost winter now. So, the sun goes down very early or/and is hidden behind the clouds.
 I got out of school today at 3:30 p.m And took the bus to go down town to my dad's workplace so we'd both go to where my mom works near the beach/boulevard to pick her up. When we got to the beach, the first thing I saw was that man with long, grey hair who always sits facing the sea, immersed in his thoughts. A few meters down, I noticed a couple. The guy I didn't really see, but the girl caught my attention as she was wearing SUNGLASSES! I decided to hold my silence and not comment on that. Three people later, I couldn't bare anymore. The need to say something was feeding on my guts! So, I finally spoke and said "What's wrong with these people? Wearing sunglasses when the sun has been gone long ago?" My mom then said "Maybe they have sensitive eyes." I said "I'm sensitive to their faces!" A few blah blah blahs later, I decided that I'd count them. I counted 26. It's not much, I'm pretty sure if I took a tour around the whole city and if it didn't become so dark, I'd probably count many, many more. However, I discovered something very weird that I'm sure no scientist or researcher did yet. I discovered another reason and perhaps a solution to reduce the level of car accidents. The reason is: Drivers wear sunglasses who happen to be dark in the freaking dark! I know right? What the freak?? And the solution is: Do not wear sunglasses in the dark, especially while DRIVING!!!!

Voila! That's all! I feel much, much, much, much better now. Thanks for bearing with me.
I still am searching for someone who'd like to make a guest post here, for I will be very busy with exams next week. Comment below and let me know if you're interested.
Until next time,
Take care!
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  1. Haha same here! I'm also annoyed by those wanna be cool ppl wearing sunglasses for no reason, i mean, it's already winter/autumn so why still wearing them? Okay there are humans outside who're blind though so I'm not mad bc of them :-)
    Thanks for dropping a comment, I guess that I shouldn't be that depressed anymore. There're many many other marks, so keep fighting :-)

  2. PITBULL!!!!!! The singer. He wears glasses inside clubs. *Guidance screaming:whyy!* the thing you said about drivers with sunglasses is so true! Plus its so unnecesary inside the car since there are those thingies you can put down to cut the sunlight...sight...


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