Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hi to my super sweet cotton candies!
    Do you realize that today is 12.12.12 The last triple date for another century? Until January 1st, 2101. And who knows if anyone will live till then?
    Some people don't even mind this date and others get too carried away with it. But I think special, weird or rare moments or coincidences such as this one shouldn't pass by without AT LEAST being remembered/mentioned. That is why today's post is dedicated to 12.12.12.
    On this day, I decided to do something I normally CANNOT/ DO NOT even think of, something that won't happen for another hundred year. So, wanna know what I did? I had to think very hard about this. Actually, not really. I fell asleep in the middle of thinking, so I didn't prepare for this post as I should. But just for fun, here are the things I defied myself to do:
  • Concentrate in math class:
    I think I might have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and it totally hits its tops in math class. I can't just sit there, look at the teacher and act like I get anything.. But today, I tried hard not to open my mouth or get carried away with my thoughts.. And actually it was good-ISH. I should totally do this more often.
  • Participate in french class:
    To clear something out, I'm good at French. I just don't really like to go up the board (In all classes that
 is) So, today I volunteered to go up the board. I wasn't chosen, but at least I got the guts to raise my finger.
  • Kiss the person I'm talking to at exactly 12:12 p.m:
    Fortunately for me, I was talking to my friend (a girl). So, we just exchanged cheek kisses and wished a happy day to each other. What? You expected another type of kissing? Naah! You dirty minded girl!
  • Have a nap:
    I added this one because I'm really tired, and I never take a nap. Like, ever! It's really rare.. And as I was about to fall asleep, my father got home and ruined it for me. I did manage to sleep for about half an hour or so. Napping is soooo good!
  • Wake up early:
    Since I couldn't think of that last night, I'll just do it tomorrow morning.. I hope!

    Well, that's it! I know nothing interesting. Sorry! I'm so tired of getting all those exam results this week, it's been very stressful so, It's a bit hard for me to make that old machine called brain to function. I would have added dying my hair (just lightening up the tips) but it's not a first! My poor hair's a resort to failed/almost worked/successful-ish experiences!
What did you do on this day? Did you even remember it?
Until next time,
Happy, Dappy Day! Enjoy! (for the ones whom unlike me are still in the middle of 12.12.12)
Bye Byez~
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  1. Moi j aime bien mon cours de français :)

  2. Moi aussi Ines, mais j'ai reculé un peu en français car je me suis conçontré sur l'anglais.


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