Monday, December 17, 2012

Guidance goes abroad!

Hello my little darlings!
First, I'd like to apologize for not uploading a post in so long. I've been super busy and totally exhausted! Moving on.
This Friday, I was finally able to cross one more thing off of my wish list before this month ends. Which is: Going abroad! It was only a few hours of drive away, but if you have to use a passport, it's abroad alright!
So, I went to Tunisia. I don't know if  you guys heard of it, but it's an awesome country! We used to go there every summer vacation. There were a lot of tourists, most were:
  • Germans.
  • Cerbians.
  • Algerians. (where I come from)
  • And some Libyans (Those people have the AWESOMEST sport cars in the world!)
     So, Tunisia. It's one of those heaven on earth places! Awesome beaches! Amazing views! Malls to die for! Best pools with best artificial waves and extremest water slides in the world! And, wait for it! The most delicious, spicy food on the galaxy!
   I haven't been there since 2009 according to my mom, and boy do I miss it! I miss the beaches, I miss the  pools, I miss the malls, I miss FOOD, FOOD, FOOOOD!! And I especially miss the smell of Jasmine in ever street, every corner, everywhere!
    Anyway, we ate, shopped, wondered around and went back home! We only went there for the day, because I have school and my pets and all..
    There, I bought three pairs of shoes, a white teddy bear-ish soft top, (I needed one!) a pair of leather cloves and did some groceries there!
   The thing I bought and consumed the most was FOOD! I ate like I never did before! Proof that I love food: the first thing I did when I arrived is EAT not one but two huge sandwiches! Yeah, I have a huge thing for tunisian food. For it's so spicy and super addictive! Before every vacation there, I try loosing the equivalent of the weight I'd gain there. Of course that never worked, but it's a vacation right? So, what the heavens?!
     I'm glad I got to cross off one more thing out of my wishlist because December's about to end and it's still not done. Oh! Well, everything that's meant to happen, will happen in the right time.
Anyway, here are pictures and a video of the twelve year-old me in Tunisia a thousand years ago (5 to be exact):

   About the video, I'm the asian-ish girl on 00:53s Behind the other girl who was my BFF then. And don't try understanding what's being said 'cause you won't. The guy filming: My cousin, the guy who did the rock n' roll sign: another cousin.
And yes, I know. I look older than my actual age. Look at me! I got soo tanned! I miss being that tan!
     Except for getting even taller and getting a bit more shaped into a lady, I still look the same as I did in 2007. Minus the tan of course. And the pretty long hair :'( Miss my long hair!
    Well, that's it! Tell me what you think! I'd love to read your comments! And if you like this post, I'll show you pictures of the older me (15 or 14 years old) in Tunisia where you can see the most amazing places there and a little bit of me when I was chubbier. Would you like that?
That's all for this post!
Until next time,
Take care!
Bye Byez~


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  2. Really? Did you add your name then message then clicked on "shout" Ines?


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