Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dining out! (With pics)

Hello my little angels!
I know I promised on my last post that I'd publish the correct version of the short story I wrote there, but I've been a bit busy (lazy) and I'm just trying to publish the posts I had in mind before this month and this year ends.
Today's post is a bit different from my usual type of posts, but change can be good. However this is probably a once in a while post, since I don't have a good camera yet :'( Maybe I'll ask (demand) for one on my birthday.
I'm starting to bore myself so, without further delay, enjoy!
Last Thursday, I decided I need a break from routine. So, me and my parents went to dine out at my favorite restaurant in town,  "Machawi Esham" which means "The grills of Echam" And Echam is in the middle east (not sure if that the right way to write it though).
Anyway, we also invited my cousin over and here's what we ordered:
(sorry the cam quality sucks! and the lighting didn't help!)
This is what I ordered, it's called Taboula, I think. I thought it had salad and all things but it turns out it's  only parsley mixed with some onions, tomatoes, garlic and a magical delicious sauce that makes it taste like heaven.

That's the entry my parents ordered, the most delicious salad I've ever tasted. It's called Mezza.
I was still hungry, but most of their dishes contain meat, and don't get me wrong, it's delicious! But I don't eat meat. So, I ordered a dish of their delicious spicy brown rice..
This is what my cousin ordered as an entry. It's called "Baba ghanouj" It's mashed meat with other stuff.. I haven't tasted  it, but they said it was good.
I forgot to take pictures of what we got later. I was too busy stuffing my mouth, so here are some pictures I found on the net that look a bit like the dishes we got later:

We had a great time! Everything was super delicious and the atmosphere there was very middle eastern. I didn't take picture unfortunately, I was afraid that people might be bothered or paranoid.
I also took picture of what I wore:

Pink "Save Earth" panda top, Black cardigan with white hearts, owl necklace, black jeans and pink converses.
To finish up here a pic of my little cuties, Naruto-Otani and CoCo who was a big success in this blog because of her insupportable fart bombs!
They grow up so fast :')
Lastly, here's a funny/scary thing: When we were done they added to our check another customor's orders by mistake so when the lady told us how much we need to pay, my mom was like:
ಠoಠ a-a..? What? Are you sure? " I guess was thinking: That's 15% of what's left of my salary!
And I was like: 
-eyes off the phone and on the woman- ☉_☉ Thinking: seriously? That means we're never coming back to eat here anymore, doesn't it?
Thank God she corrected herself before my mother had a heart attack and I lost my favorite restaurant.
Well, that's it for now. Btw, the last pic can also be an answer to my last post's question.
It's 2:46 am! I'm dying here!
Bye Byez~


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