Friday, November 23, 2012

And CoCo strikes AGAIN!

Hello my delicious cotton candies!
If you've already read this  post, then you know who and what I am talking about.
Indeed, CoCo released one of her TOXIC gases again. Fortunately for me, I wasn't the victim. This time it was my mom And our kitchen.
Let me tell you how it happened.
Note: There will be some exaggeration.
I was lying on the couch, watching TV; exactly the way I see myself twenty years from now. As usual, nothing changed. And my mom was in the kitchen, cooking something for dinner. Of course CoCo was with her, in her favorite room of the house. As I was very busy watching an important series on TV, my mom came running out of the kitchen, barely standing on her feet! And CoCo was behind her. I suspected something. My dad and I were very worried, but we didn't move a finger. We were very hmm.. tired? (Doing nothing is very exhausting) After she got back her breath, She said to me "Get her (CoCo) away from me! I was in the kitchen, cooking with love until SHE farted and intoxicated me and polluted all the kitchen air." (I did rephrase) I laughed and said "Yeah! She does that, doesn't she?" We couldn't enter the kitchen for a whole week and we later had to throw away all our food stocks and replace our kitchen supplies.
The last part wasn't true, but I did warn you at the beginning that there will be exaggeration.
My mom is complaining from her as I type.
Voila! That's the story. This blog isn't about my pets or anything, but they're a big part of MY LIFE so, I think it's fair to make a post or two about them once in a while.
Tell me about your pets' weirdest, craziest and unusual moments! I'd love to know.
Until next time,
Take care!
Bye Byez~
I was trying desperately to have her attention, but she was taking a bath.


  1. hahaha in the second pic coco is like ''i didn't do it :3 ''
    nice post ^^

  2. Hahaha I totally laughed
    about your cat and her gasses...
    Hopefully the kitchen is okay
    now :P


  3. Thank you so much girls!
    Lol. CoCo is something to write about!
    Ice Pandora, it's recovering. Thank goodness the window was open.


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